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sick days :(

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by sadandconfused, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Yes, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for having the temerity to fall sick and then - on top of that - to have time off.
    TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!!!!!!!! and TWICE!!!!!
    Right. Back to reality.
    Of course you shouldn't feel bad. You were sick. End of story. What you should feel bad about is giving in to guilty feelings and coming in when you were still not fully recovered. That is not a good move.
    Remember, teaching is only a job and it pays the bills. And, hopefully, you get to help some kids make some headway towards some dreams and ambitions that they have. But it is still only a job.
    Your health comes first.
  2. Thanks:)

    It's just difficult when the HT doesnt really approve and questions everything to appoint where you feel they are trying to catch you out lol

    It also doesnt help when others are comming in sick because they are afraid to have a day off. Then you look like the only persoon in the school having time off.
  3. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    This bullying type of attitude from your HT makes my blood boil... do NOT feel guilty! If you are sick, you are sick! but the problem with most conscientious teachers (like you are) we keep going though our body is telling us we shouldn't and then it takes us longer to recover which does not benefit us or our kids!

    NO-ONE should be AFRAID to have a day off sick!!! :(
  4. Every school should have a Management of Attendance policy. It kicks in when staff are absent for prolonged periods or suffer lots of absences. Heads should consistent in their approach her, not arbitrary. Talk to your union rep or local union office - they can advise on comparable statistics for your area, and if if they think you are close to triggering the policy. But 8 days means you're not. so don't worry. The reasons why you were off probably aren't shared by others!
  5. I went five years in one job with only four days off sick, two days of which were for an illness called Supervising the Construction of a New Driveway.
    My excellent sick record resulted in my doing more than my fair share of cover for absent colleagues, some of whom were away for months with stress.
    I received no medals or certificates for having so few days off sick, but instead got involved in disciplinary matters regarding pupils I didn't normally teach, which was sometimes unpleasant.
    It's just a job: you were genuinely ill so don't beat yourself up about it.
  6. Be aware though, that having one day off at a time is worse long-term - your Bradford Score is 200 - one away from when many employers issue a formal warning - but most definitely ain informal warning. SO though I agree if ill you shouldn;t go in - if you have a poorer HT that just cares about bodies in the classroom this could be used against you....
  7. Would a school issue a formal warning though? If not, what other employers would do is irrelevant. (I'm not in the UK so don't know at what point a formal warning would be issued.)
    The problem with teaching is that you can't just go in then go back home if you start feeling worse like you may be able to do in a different kind of job. If you lose your voice, you can't teach but in a different job you might be able to go in and sit at a computer or work from home.
    I sympathise with you, OP!
  8. xmas pud, are you looking for some sort of pat on the back? Your original post says that you feel guilty because you had to have eight days off, then later posts seem to be saying that if anyone questions it you will walk out! Almost seems like you want sympathy for small niggle and congratulations for not being ill for more than 8 days.
    It's not a big deal.
    8 days off is a low absence rate, I would be surprised if anyone questioned it, but if they did you would just need to say sorry but you were sick on those days. No need to feel guilty - if you are sick you are sick. No need to walk out, especially if they were just applying a blanket policy.
    Time to start feeling stressed when you have a serious illness, or a chronic condition which periodically incapacitates you. You can become very inconvenient when this happens and your livelihood starts to look precarious. Count your lucky stars that you have only had a few tummy bugs, colds, and a bit of overworkitis.
  9. And it's even more complicated than this. All participants of this thread google Bradford formula pls. (Except for the person who mentioned Bradford score :) ).
  10. Its interesting to consider what the maximum possible Bradford score might be for a years service.....

    195 days a year, imagine being absent for every other day (including first and last.) Thats 98 x 98 x 98 = 941,192! And that doesnt take into account the assumption that you are 'off sick' for the whole holiday period after being absent the last day of a term/half term!
  11. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    If you are off on the last day of term you need to email/ring to say you are fit to work to stop that happening.
  12. Goodness!
    Seems so complicated! When my head just said, glad to have ya back and that was it! It's obvious when there are issues surrounding time off. However, sometimes your just unlucky enough to get a couple of tummy bugs and a terrible cold in one term. I think sickness would have to be something thats built up over a period of time which worries the head teacher.

  13. Like most things in life, it is the behaviour of the minority that hijacks it for the majority. I'm sure most of us know colleagues who often have, say Monday off because of a hangover or similar! Annoyingly the seem to get away with it too!

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