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Sick Days and self-certification

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by grussell1, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    Hi, I was told off by my head teacher today because I took a day off back in September for tonsillitis and two days off last week for tonsillitis (again), I couldn't swallow or even talk at times. She said it was a concern I had taken 'so much time off' - 3 days to be exact. She also said that tonsillitis is not a 'good enough reason to be off' and I should have come in.

    I looked at my job contract and it clearly states that I am entitled to 25 sick days each rolling year - she said that I am only allowed 3 periods of absence, and I have already taken two of them in this first term.

    She also says that I could have a disciplinary action something something set against me if I take a third period of absence this year.

    What should I do? Advice please.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    First thing is to look very carefully at the sick leave policy of your school. Where does it say about only 3 periods of absence?

    If you can't find the policy, then go and ask the Business Manager.

    I am assuming that this is an Academy or a Free School, not covered by the Burgundy Book and STPCD?

    Or possibly a small Indy school, which doesn't abide by them either?

    Because in a school, such as a Local Authority school, or an Academy which does give teacheres the same rights, there is no mention of 3 periods only a year . . .

    And to say that a third period of absence would result in a disciplinary when she has also said that you are entitled to 3 periods is plain daft. So I guess that you may have misheard or misunderstood that bit. More than three, perhaps?

    But only if that is in both the Sick Leave Policy and the Disciplinary Policy . . . Which I very much doubt!

    Best wishes


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