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Sibelius in crisis

Discussion in 'Music' started by qu1annie, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I came across this today, apologies if this has been posted already but I had no idea about the closure of the Sibelius UK development and support team and I haven't seen any threads on here. It looks like Sibelius could be in real trouble, with very little support and development I know a significant number of us use Sibelius so thought you might be interested. Here's a link to the website which is putting pressure on the company that owns Sibelius to sell it rather than run it into the ground. There are links to take action. http://www.sibeliususers.org/
  2. I was very unimpressed when I phoned for advice recently. Lots of hoops to jump through (finding codes from various online providers) before you can even speak to someone. Lets hope it improves!
  3. It won't improve. They have made the entire UK operation redundant and are intending to move a small amount of support to the Ukraine. From what I've read and from talking to a friend who was a programmer for Sibelius, this is probably the end of Sibelius as without further updates/support in a few years it won't be compatible with the latest operating systems hence the campaign to get the company that owns it to sell it rather than run it into the ground.
  4. To be honest, the problem is that it can't really get any better - Like MS Word for example, there comes a point where it does everything anyone could ever need it to do and further "improvements" are just unnecessary (and invariably only cosmetic).

    I got Sibelius 3 when it came out, and I still use it to this day. It does everything I could want a music-writing software package to do.

    Some of the bells and whistles of later versions have admittedly caught my eye, but no one in their right mind would consider upgrading at the ridiculous price they were asking for it (almost as much as it cost me in the first place)!

    Add to that the rise of (relatively inexpensive) sequencers which have score-writing facilities that do for most people.

    Maybe if I ever get a new computer, I might need to update, but that would be the only reason - compatibility with hardware.

    So, I do think the OP is bad news, and I share the worry and disappointment that other people feel, but I am not entirely surprised.

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