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Showing progress from on entry to nursery to end of YR

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by yumyum, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. We
    track all children from nursery to end of YR using DM statements on a borough
    spreadsheet called 'Progress Matters', but the inspectors wanted to see data for
    our current YR children from nursery using EYFSP scores.
    99.9% of our children start nursery at a point considerably below EYFSP 1.
    the end I had to produce this data putting the children down at ‘Earlier
    Development’ when starting nursery and at 1-3 at the end of nursery. Our December data for YR had most of the
    children at 3-6. They seemed happy with
    this and it demonstrated the progress made by the children in a language that
    they could understand. None of the inspectors
    had early years experience or it appeared knowledge, they didn’t understand
    I’m glad they’ve gone :)
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  2. Clevercrocodiles

    Clevercrocodiles New commenter

    We use the DM scores for entry to nursery and throughout but as soon as they start Reception we use a baseline score, our Autumn score and then update each term onto the EYP. We also track each child in PSRN (using the 3 areas, calculating etc), Writing and Reading (including all phonics eg LSL). We update this sheet each half term. Its not too time consuming as most of us do it as we go throughout the term and then it just means putting onto the tracker at the end. We have also included groups such as EAL, FSM, Summer born etc so that we can always see progress. We colour the spreadsheet according to progress made. It shows up quite clearly who is and who isnt making progress and where. We are making excellent progress and this is partly why I think. We can tell you where any child is and this is what Ofsted want too. Hope that makes sense.

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