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Shouty headteacher

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by kji, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. kji

    kji New commenter

    my HT is very shouty. He's exploded at me before and others have said the same. One colleague told me that he slammed his hands on his desk and called her a silly girl.

    I'm very intimidated to be alone with him. I have a RTW meeting on Monday and he says I have to go alone and I'm just too scared. I feel bullied by him and the DHT my therapist says I have been traumatised by the last meeting I had with them both and I just don't know what to do.

    Any thoughts
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Take someone with you.
  3. digoryvenn

    digoryvenn Lead commenter

    Speak to the chair of governors, make sure the C of G is on your side, make a formal complaint and get your HT the sack.
  4. SundaeTrifle

    SundaeTrifle Occasional commenter

    Yes, he does sound like a bully. Don’t see him on your own.
  5. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    He sounds extremely childish. I can't stand shouty teachers, and shouty HTs take the biscuit.

    Good luck with the meeting and I hope you get someone to go with you, and that either he changes his attitudes very soon or leaves teaching for good.
  6. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

  7. notrevlim

    notrevlim Established commenter

    Don't be alone with someone who is so obviously volatile. Violence is often their next response. Mine invited me to a meeting but threatened to beat me to a pulp if I attended.
  8. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Just turn up with your union rep and walk in confidently and with a smile.
    Just do it.
    If he shouts that you need to be alone, then just leave the room.
    RTW meetings aren't compulsory, so just leave and go to your classroom and get on with your work.
    If he wants a meeting, he has to behave.
  9. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Why didn't you call the police?
    Well, if this actually ever happened, why didn't you call the police?
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  10. cupcake108

    cupcake108 New commenter

  11. cupcake108

    cupcake108 New commenter

    Please say you're joking......
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  12. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    No, you don't have to be alone. Get your union rep in, or a friend from the school. You could even insist that someone from HR attends - he might find that less threatening. Your therapist has given you a medical reason for this, so you shouldn't have to.

    And as others have said, if he insists that you attend alone, don't attend or leave.

    One final point - get everything in email. Use the school's system so he can't say he didn't receive it.
  13. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    The lack of professionalism here is astounding. Clearly this HT has got away with shouting and has been rewarded for shouting. There needs to be a negative consequence for the shouting. All of the above.
  14. thekillers1

    thekillers1 Lead commenter

    When did this happen?
  15. kji

    kji New commenter

    My meeting is due next week but he hasn't responded. I've had OH report and he's also implying that he will only consider one or two of the recommendations. It feels like he's making veiled threats in the emails too. He keeps referring to 'formal procedures' that he's considering.

    He's shouted at me earlier this year and the reports from others have all been this year too.
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  16. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    Record any meetings on your phone if you can't take someone with you.
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  17. kji

    kji New commenter

    I thought about that but not sure where I stand legally
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  18. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    I would certainly tell both HR and OH that you have felt intimidated by his shouting and that you aren't prepared to attend any meetings with him unless someone else is in attendance.

    See how he likes them apples. Plus it'll be hard for him to bully you because you've officially marked his card. Which should have been done long since!
  19. mothorchid

    mothorchid Star commenter

    Is there any point in suggesting a more public venue for any meeting? You could explain you would like neutral ground and ask the union to suggest somewhere you could use?
    I was once at a meeting on the September training day where the Head shouted and threatened all the staff for almost half an hour, because the A level results had been so awful (perhaps the students might have had some responsibility?) He yelled that there would be job losses and "heads will roll". This was all very intimidating - especially for those of us who had nothing whatsoever to do with the sixth form... Some Heads just seem to get away with things.
    Don't let yourself be bullied into this situation. It sounds as if he has worse lined up for you, so keep a record and keep unions involved.
  20. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    What is defined as bullying at work?
    There is no legal definition of bullying. Acas, however, defines workplace bullying as “offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, an abuse or misuse of power through means that undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure the person being bullied”. The Health and Safety Executive emphasises this is a pattern of behaviour rather than isolated instances, happening “repeatedly and persistently over time”.

    So start keeping records. The shouting, the emails, all of it. You need to establish a pattern.

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