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Should you get paid extra...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Poppy_Red, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Poppy_Red

    Poppy_Red New commenter

    If you are doing daily supply at a primary school, covering for 2- 3 weeks and you are asked to plan and set targets for the whole class, should you be paid more? The reason I ask is that I get a flat rate of £110 per day, and this is what I get for covering in schools where planning is usually left and I am not asked to do anything extra than teaching and marking. So should it be more if I am asked to do more? Who should you speak to in this situation, the school or your agency?
  2. If we are asked by a school to cover a term or half term and includes planning etc the agency will negotiate a higher rate.
  3. TBH I wouldn't even go with an agency that only paid me £110 a day. The lowest I will go is £125.
    When I was covering the half term, I was already on top whack due to my experience - they don't go any higher, as it's through the LA, so it never occurred to me to ask for more.
  4. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    You should get more money if you are doing long term supply. Both of the agencies I'm with pay more, it might only be an extra £5 but it's better than nothing, especially since I do attend a number of meetings and do parents evenings.
  5. If the agency refuses to budge and you are doing long term supply then:
    <ol>[*]Determine your actual daily rate i.e.the MPS salary point.[*]Divide this by 1265. This gives your daily rate as it should be![*]Subtract the agency's paltry daily rate and this will give you the difference which should be paid by the school's LEA. This is the actual DIFFERENCE PLUS the daily rate from the agency. In this way you will be paid to MPS albeit in a roundabout way.</ol>Now that is fair and just.

  6. However nothing wrong with letting a few people know you are not happy. I am secondary with two rates, one for general cover (non existent now) and one for subject (a good rate with a good agency)
    So when I am working I have no moans about rates. However I also tell people in school what good agencies I am working for and name drop them as much as possible.
    If ever I get an opportunity I slag off (I think they call this feedback as it sounds nicer) any of the bad agencies.
    Tactic, if you are in a school you like, and things are going well (even though you are working hard). Someone says 'How things going', you say 'great', however I am on lousy rates with this agency. But then say I accepted them and I will always give you my best until the end of the booking.
    This is playing on your relationship with the school. You wait to the end of the booking, and if you can have a chat at the end, mention your cause of concern about your rates. They may be interested they may not. They may be surprised at how much you are being paid in relation to what they are paying the agency.
    So next time the school want you, they may put in some negotiation for you, at the start of the booking.
    Also I would not worry about playing to the agency contract regarding keeping your mouth shut on propaganda. Slag bad agencies off and promote good agencies. Agencies regard us as work donkies. However we are the people at the sharp end in school and we are the agencies ambassadors.
  7. I forgot to mention that one other advantage of getting the school's lEA to make up the difference is that you have the choice of paying into the Teachers' Pension scheme which agencies do not bother with.

  8. I quite agree, 'Quiet'. I am sure that is just a way for the school to save money and the agency to make more. If you worked 1 week gratis as a 'probationary period', you are subsidising the school to the tune of &pound;600 - 700, plus travelling expenses. I wonder if the school and the agency split the money gained between them, or what. At the end of this 'probationary period', all they have to say is 'goodbye' and then go on to the next mug!
  9. Hence it is absolutely vital that all fully registered and qualified supply/cover teachers are completely UNITED on the issue of not working for free.
    Why should anyone work one week gratis????????? Even the school's cleaner would work for at least &pound;6.5 to &pound;7.50/hour! So why all this ridiculous talk of gratis working. In fact we should be all getting a pay increase and back pay for not being paid enough for many years....

  10. I have no wish to upset anyone but who is daft enough to work for a week ANYWHERE without pay? I have never heard such nonsense. I work for three agencies and none has suggested I need to prove myself at my expense. It's bad enough that we are paid so little.
    All that is beside the point. If a teacher is not bright enough to avoid such a scam then it is no surprise so many ordinary people are taken in by internet thieves.
    No. I still can't take it.
    You actually agreed to to work a week free of charge?
    I've been around a long time and worked in several industries but I have never heard of anyone digging someone else's ditch for FA.
    Anyway, my dishwasher is broken so I need an engineer to come and demonstrate their skills, if the job is done well then I shall call them back when the microwave plays up. Naturally I shall not be reimbursing expenses such as fuel but there is a good chance I will need them again within the next couple of years. Does anyone know a good engineer?
  11. Working for free is a total non-starter...I wonder if albertdog has got his facts right?

  12. You have completely and utterly missed the point made by QG!
    He/she is actually talking about the DREADFUL and rapidly deteriorating terms and conditions of employment for a supply teacher: NO sick pay, NO holiday pay, NOT paid to scale, NO pension rights, having to pay for numerous, totally unnecessary ECRBs checks at his/her own expense, having to tolerate bullying, sub-stanstandard smug colleagues who purposely give you as little information as possibe about the students whilst ABSENT colleagues on sick leave or whatever on permanent contracts get all the above unthinkingly and smugly!
    So if a supply teacher is asked by the lazy HOD to write lesson plans whilst said supply has a hospital appointmentso that ANOTHER supply is called in to do the job then one has to ask loudly and clearly WHAT THE *** ARE THE EXISTING TEACHERS DOING FOR THEIR SALARIES???????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Long live the highly perceptive remarks of QG! You stand by your own idiocy...

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