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Should you declare you have had a Gastric Band in your medical?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by jewell71, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. jewell71

    jewell71 New commenter

    Just in the process of applying for jobs etc as an NQT, and wanted to know if I need to declare about a gastric band I had fitted 5 years ago. I lost 9 stone, and to all appearances, you would never know.
    When I looked into Life assurance a year ago, they wanted to quote more for my payments. I don't know why. Never had a day off sick as a result of my gastric band, in fact my health has never been better.
    Just don't know what the 'done' thing is.
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    You should answer the questions honestly.
  3. jewell71

    jewell71 New commenter

    When I put 'to all appearances you would never know', I meant, you would never think I ever had a weight problem. Obviously, it is visible that I am no longer 9 stone over weight.

    Do you think that people will make 'judgements' though?
  4. You should be honest when filling out things like this.
    So what if people judge?
  5. I wouldn't mention it, it gives you no problems and does not mean you are requiring any adjustment to fulfill your role.
    As to being honest, well it's not dishonest, it's just not relevant. You would have to list anything you have ever had wrong with you or any health intervention you have ever had. Where does it end? Coughs, verrucas, clap, genital warts, counselling when your dog died, flu, tonsils out when you were 4, anything.
    Blimey if I had to list anything that I have had done, say since I was 16, I would need several extra sheets, what business or relevance is it to the interviewer that I broke my shin in an accident when I was 20 or that I had surgery for a broken knee cap in 1989?
  6. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    As I said,
    which does not mean you need to be ridiculous!
  7. Most of what you mention does not need surgical intervention or requires long-term treatment. Your broken knee surgery would need mentioning though because it could lead to arthritis/ other problems later in life...
    Be honest with the company but not OTT. If they require more info, they will ask permission to write to your GP. You should not feel embarrassed - most LI policies are done over the phone and no-one else, apart from your GP possibly and yourself will very be any the wiser.
    If it helps, my first foray into Life Insurance was very embarrassing because I had no idea what most people covered themselves for in terms of money and I asked for a stupendously high amount which clearly would have required me to be Roman Abramovitch to finance! There was an awkward silence at the end of the phone and then the nice man explained things to me...
  8. Phoebe, I was talking more in relation to the job application than LI. Although, the current policy wording on our LI does not require us to declare any and all medical issues.

  9. That's not the point. You have had an operation and you are required to be honest about that.
  10. jewell71

    jewell71 New commenter

    Thanks for all the replies. I haven't had to answer any questions so far, but did wonder about it as some interview processes could involve answering medical history questions.
    Personally, I haven't an issue with telling someone about my op, but have always done it face to face, as you can judge reactions, and explain if necessary, so can handle any 'judgements'.
  11. No, if you are applying for a job, historical medical procedures are not relevant in the slightest. At best mention anything in the last year, anything else, which does not require any adjustment to your workplace, is irrelevant.
    I appreciate it is different if applying for insurance, but the OP is worried about job applications.
    My daughter had several interventions when she was born, will she have to list those when she applies for a job, maybe 18 years after she had them?
  12. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    You have a medical questionnaire from Occupational Health when you are appointed - that's not quite the same as being part of the interview process!

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