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Should we use Anglo-Saxons words instead of borrowed words?

Discussion in 'English' started by rickochay, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. And, who cares?
    Why are you so concerned with spelling considering you people break every single rule in the book when you write?

  2. I blame Wikipedia.
  3. It looks like you have learned a new word: "pronouncement" in Wikipedia! WOW! Are
    you proud of yourself? How many times are you going to use it today!
    Jeesh! Bang head! Bang head!
    Again, like your fellow Gruoc --and
    many-- you have a really though time following your "pronouncements"
    with hard facts and substance. But, like them you are probably going to
    take a typo and generalize it to state that I cannot write in English!
    Who is using words like "****" in his writing to make his points? [​IMG]
    Who is using the word "pronouncement" 3000 times a day? [​IMG]
    is responding to posts with one-liners? [​IMG] Try 2 sentences next time
    and then a paragraph with a thesis,supporting details, and a clincher,
    IF you can. [​IMG]
    However, I suspect you are wating for me to assert myself using words that you have rarely used. Alright, ...
    (Heavy British English accent of the Royal family type)
    I may be so bold, but your a priori stance is vacuous! When will you
    provide us with a well-formed paragraph that contains pansophy and
    ratiocination as opposed to resorting to words like "****" to
    Mr. Rick O'Chay
  4. He's fallen in the water!
  5. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

  6. Sir,
    I may be so bold, but your a priori stance is vacuous! When will you
    provide us with a well-formed paragraph that contains pansophy and
    ratiocination as opposed to resorting to one-liners to
    Mr. Rick O'Chay

  7. Sir,
    I may be so bold, but your a priori stance is vacuous! When will you
    provide us with a well-formed paragraph that contains pansophy and
    ratiocination as opposed to resorting to an emoticon to
    Mr. Rick O'Chay

  8. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    I don't need to read the same post twice.
    You have not responded to my earlier post.
  9. What about the ironic nature of the French borrowed word "ricochet" or the stupid comment about the rock that is used to make the skipping? Oh! No! Sorry! Your name is Gruoch with a "H' and a "c" that is mispronounced or misspelled! Take your pick, if you have finally gotten the idea of why people use "or"!
    May I remind that you have been off-topic for 3 pages now!
    Don't bother! You will never change! You do live under a rock and will continue to until you die!

  10. Sir,
    I may be so bold, but your a priori stance is vacuous! When will you
    provide us with a well-formed paragraph that contains pansophy and
    ratiocination as opposed to resorting to emoticons to
    Mr. Rick O'Chay

  11. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Hooray! You seem to have realised that 'ch' can have more than one pronunciation - this one being as in 'loch' as it's Scottish.
    Now, about the precise meaning of 'fellow'?
  12. Gruoch,

    know you feel you are the epitome of intelligence (at least that is how
    you like the readers to feel) because you THINK you know a little bit
    more about Shakespeare, more than the rest of us (who actually have
    other matters to attend to than reading sonnets and plays all day long).
    I know you like to focus on a word here and a word there to somehow
    feel you are right and others are idiots whenever they have an opinion that is contrary to yours! I know you have treated people like Masha with
    disdain because, again, you don't agree with her ideas. Do you really
    think ANYONE here believe that I don't know what you are talking about,
    that a "ch" has more sounds that one, that Masha is an idiot? I mean, do you really believe
    people are that stupid, that TES members are that stupid? You, who gang up on a few who happen to have opinion that are contrary to yours can
    say whatever you want, but parents, psychologists, primary teachers, and special learning
    assistance teachers see everyday the damages that a sick spelling system produces. We see kids who really struggle to read; I guess you don't! STats don't lie, Grucoh! I
    know you can read and whoever can must be a complete idiot who should
    vanish from the face of this earth. Gruoch, your feeble attempt at
    trying to paint the reformists as some group of people who are good at
    nothing and are nothing is not believable no matter how hard you try.
    It is --I must say-- quite disgusting what you are doing! To be honest
    with you, I think you know we are right and the only way you feel you
    can win this debate is using ad hominem or pseudo-ad hominem attacks
    (the ones you can get away with). I know a lot of people read these
    threads. Sure, they are teachers and they are proud Brits, maybe afraid
    or tired of having to learn one more thing that the next trend will
    bring to solve this issue. The reformists and you are well aware of the
    stats and they don't lie. History will judge you. History will judge you
    for having willfully reneged on your responsibilities. It is true that a
    reform is far fetched as there are many people from many countries and
    many governments to convince and many need to agree on a solution that
    all can live with. We get that. No, it is not going to be easy.But,m you know what, this is what the black man or woman, the Chinese man or woman, and many women thought too, the ones who were
    exploited or who died because of the conditions. They knew
    that change would not be easy, but change occurred. You can fight it all you want, using all kinds of dirty tactics, it will happen. Stats don't lie.
    If you believe
    that we are crazy, debate the topic. So far, you haven't or are afraid
    to, resorting to name-calling tactics. I doubt Shakespeare would have
    engaged in this manner! This is also for all posters who feel they can
    just act like this. Come on! Debate with us or don't, but don't resort
    to these tactics. People all over the world read these posts.They can
    think and they can judge people.
    So, for the last time, where are your arguments?
    <address> </address><address> </address>

  13. There are no stats worth a damn. Reading starts at different ages in different countries. Poverty levels are different in different countries. Approaches to teaching are different ...
    We have a messiah from another land who tells us we are wrong. We've seen plenty of those.
    We do know that there are millions of people who have never mastered metrication and we run a dual system of weights and measures. We buy petrol by the litre and measure performance in miles per gallon.

    Turkey still has people who cannot read the reformed system and a system the will not allow the idioms of one class into the dictionary of the other.
    Closer to the OP, we can see and hear that people in France don't care to be told what to say. The Academie can pronounce all it wants but the street says different. Working as a project manager for a French software company, it was obvious that everyone used English terminology for computing and nothing else. When I decided to buy a sat nav in France, the shelves had French words, but the shop assistant didn't know what I wanted until I asked for a "sat nav".

    It isn't going to happen and you and masha bleating like the little girl from the Just William stories won't change anything.
  14. whelk

    whelk New commenter

    The Turks changed their system of spelling from a sensible semitic script. Eighty years later we can see that their literacy levels have improved enormously. Now has anything else happened in the last eighty years or can I conclude that changing the spelling system was the reason?

    The South Africans didn't change their spelling system, although there was huge illiteracy among black South Africans. Today, literacy rates are very much higher. Has anything else happened in the meantime or can I conclude that maintaining the spelling system was the reason?
  15. It has all the rules it needs. You need to ask why its main critics are foreigners.
  16. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Now, I always tell my pupilsto support assertions with evidence.
  17. I suggest you check the meaning of "go fly a kite", Gruoch! [​IMG]

  18. I think you need a more modern book. Not that you'll find a riposte to rescue you.
  19. Let me just state then that you don't know how to teach! One does not have to support the assertion that the Earth is not flat!
    But, because you seem to be still living under a rock, in the past, and think that the Earth is flat, here it is: [​IMG]
    You will not win this argument! NEVER!

  20. I've got the knobs on my side.

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