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Should we swap from 21st Century to AQA?????

Discussion in 'Science' started by KatyJo, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. We are trying to decide whether to swap from OCR 21st Century to AQA science and were wondering what people think about the course & practical assessments?

    We really don't like the coursework element of 21st century science - how are the ISAs in terms of organising them? Do you get markschemes?

    Any thoughts gratefully received.

  2. ISAs are very easy to administer and mark - you get exam style markschemes- only issue is when they give you experiments that don't work properly.

    Havn't looked at the new spec ones yet so this is based on the current spec not next years.
  3. We have provisionally decided to move from 21C to edexcel IGCSE for the higher achieving groups. We share the coursework/controlled assessment reservations. IGCSE looks great from this respect.
  4. We've done the AQA for years, but have decided to go with the IGCSE when the new course starts with next year's yr 9 because we feel the ISAs have become too ridiculous and put too great a load on both students and teachers. So we are doing the no course work Edexcel route.[​IMG] It's also much more traditional in its coverage.
  5. I have heard that the IGCSE does not count towards a schools 5+ A-C, does anyone else know about this?
  6. bogstandardcomp

    bogstandardcomp New commenter

    We are moving to all separate science next sept, chem is already doing AQA but we, chem & bio are sticking with 21st for the moment for a nos of reasons.

    We cannot afford to buy new sets of books for aqa

    The new practical assessment seems to be more manageable, no data analysis and case study

    We think it's easier than aqa and we are in the business of getting C+ grades

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