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Should we only expect subject specific supply?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by JTL, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. JTL

    JTL Occasional commenter

    In your situation, being already well known to the school, I would phone the person arranging cover and ask whether they only use subject specific supplies. Let him or her know that you are willing to cover other subjects. I only go to one school and cover whatever they want me for, since they often need a range of subjects covered in one day. Sometimes a subject that is not my specialism request me as I am quite familiar with the pupils, and sometimes the school gets in a specialist, eg for PE, or if they need cover for a few days. Just let them know you are willing, maybe for less than a whole day, which would be cheaper than having to pay an agency for a whole day.
  2. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    When I do day to day supply I know to expect any random lessons I get given, however it's when you are on long term that you should get your subject, unless you are happy with working in another subject that is ;)
  3. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    General cover, as far as I can see, is almost dead. They can use cover supervisors as they don't need subject-specific cover.
    All of the day to day stuff I've had has been subject-specific, but with the odd lesson of English or geography here and there (I'm a science specialist).
  4. The agencies already have that sewn up

  5. Thanks for your responses. They do have a couple of cover supervisors that do most of the work. I suppose I can see that if they know a maths teacher is going to be off for a couple of days they will ask for a maths cover teacher (if they have to get one in) but is still seems silly going through an agency to get someone to sit in a classroom when I coule just as easily do it for slightly less!
    I will do as you suggest and email the man in charge and let him know I am happy (and competent enough!) to do other subjects
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Agencies have been cutting the rates paid to teachers over recent years and are oftena cheaper option for schools than employing a teacher direct (with employers' NI to pay and TPS at 13% approximately (+ 25% of pay being advance holiday pay).
    Agencies are also more likely to be supplying Cover Supervisors too if the school doesn't have enough CS on staff to cover absences.
    I've had 11 days of booked work (one of my specialisms) cancelled at short notice this month after the schools managed to juggle their CS to 'make do' without hiring me. That meant that pupils at one school would be missing their practical sessions for 2 weeks and would be palmed off with wordsearches and poster designing tasks.
    I had cancelled appointments to be able to do the work and was then left high and dry when the work was cancelled. I just have to hope that my re-scheduled appointments don't need to be cancelled again if work materialises (last worked 5th october!). One hospital appointment has now been cancelled 3 times to accommodate work that never materialised.
    I decided at the end of last year to trigger my pension (less than £50 per week when I get round to checking my work record and sending off the forms) and supplement it with whatever supply work came along. I've been mulling it over this last week and am sorely tempted to tell my LA agency that I'm no longer prepared to be messed around by schools who seem to want me (and other qualified teachers) to be at their beck and call, putting our lives on hold for the meagre bookings that they put our way (and then cancel).
    If they are happy to manage with CS cover, they shouldn't be surprised if they no longer have an army of flexible, qualified teachers to call on in a few years time.
  7. Schools and supply teacher agencies are behaving unacceptably. So much for that hypocritical, dimwit, disingenuous Mr Gove who has actually said "THE QUALITY OF TEACHING FOR PUPILS IS ALL IMPORTANT"!
    Does he think that all manner of unqualified staff whatever the ridiculous job title nowadays will do? Is he an utter disrespectful fool? Why bother training to become a qualified teacher? Forget QTS!

  8. GCSEs getting much easier unlike GCEs, exam based only! Easier they are! All agree.
    NQTs on MPS 1 ? do we need them? Better still why don't schools employ mega-brained geniuses with MENSA level IQs or let's be really ageist by sacking all teachers over 40 because they are becoming chronologically challenged...no teachers required!
    Get ALL PUPILS TO SIT IN FRONT OF COMPUTERS as B F Skinnner had suggested i.e. no teachers required with machines now "teaching"?????
    ...and as for easy A-Level tuition get the the lowest rung TA to do it...excellent at bluffing her/his way through specialist physics, chemistry etc content?


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