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Should Justin Trudeau resign?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lanokia, Sep 19, 2019.


Should be resign?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    59 vote(s)
  3. Other

    1 vote(s)
  1. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    Not really. What do you teach ? (or do you even teach, my friend? How is the weather in St Petersberg this happy morning ;) )
  2. burajda

    burajda Star commenter

    Were there ever such figures? Was that stuffy class and deference system really worth keeping?
  3. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Lead commenter

    Who are you then? Roger Irrelevant?
    theselofane likes this.
  4. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    Oooh - so I touched a nerve then :p
  5. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Is that a Bollywood remake?
    alex_teccy, lanokia and JL48 like this.
  6. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    The "wise world weary Brit" may be a dying breed
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
  7. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    fair point - although the class divide is alive and well in the good old US of A too.

    I was more talking about the simplistic political reactions to world issues. Ranting about freedom of speech is more American. Having it, valuing it, but the innate understanding that it has some limits was generally more British (or rest of world).

    You can see it in many online comments from alt-righters when they talk about Constitutional rights etc. They've clearly got it from Alex Jones or some other alt-right American nut bag - and then brought it over here without any understanding of what a constitution even is, let alone an understanding of what makes up our unwritten constitution.
  8. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Lead commenter

    I love bollywood, it's lotsa fun, but they dont invent.
  9. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Cheers Blazer. I will get the book. There was a lot of tension between the two cultures which of course, and sadly, I was led to believe was all the French Canadian's fault. I know better nowadays. We lived in an anglophone area in the suburbs of Montreal and I remember the downtown rioting which resulted from Rocket Richard's suspension. I never got to go to the Forum to watch the ice hockey but I was allowed to stay up to watch it on TV Saturday night.
  10. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Just had a sort out of the wardrobe and found my Chicago Blackhawks cap that I got signed by Bobby Hull a few years back when he came over on a tour of the UK.
    TCSC47 likes this.
  11. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Some analysis of the impact... which is minimal...


    1. The national race remains very tight, with the Conservatives holding 34% support, the Liberals 32%, the NDP at 15%, and the Green Party 11%. Each of these numbers is within a percentage point of the result we found in our last survey, which took place before the election campaign began.

    2. Regionally, the Liberals have a wide lead in Atlantic Canada and Quebec, a 4-point lead in Ontario, and trail by wide margins in the Prairie provinces. In BC, the Liberals and Conservatives are tied at 30% with the NDP at 22% and the Greens at 15%.

    3. Justin Trudeau’s personal ratings have slipped. His positives are down 4-points, and his negatives are up 3. At the same time, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May have all seen deterioration in their ratings as well. Ms. May’s numbers are the worst we have seen for her since March of this year. Mr.Scheer’s positives have dropped 3-points, and his negatives have hit a new high at 39%.

    4. 63% of voters say they have made up their minds how they are going to vote, and 54% say they have been following the campaign very or pretty closely. Just under half say they have been paying only a little or no attention and 37% say they haven’t yet made up their mind about how they will vote.

    5. 41% think the Conservatives will win, 40% think the Liberals will. Regionally, most in the Prairies think the Conservatives will win with about one in four thinking the Liberals will win. In BC, 39% think the Liberals will win, 35% Conservative, and 14% NDP. In Ontario, 43% feel the Conservatives will win with 39% predicting a Liberal win. Only 9% in Ontario feel the NDP will win. In Quebec, half think the Liberals will win with 27% saying the Conservatives and 5% NDP.

    6. Asked what party they would like to see victorious, 32% say the Conservatives, 30% the Liberals, 16% the NDP and 11% the Green Party.

    7. Asked if it came down to a choice between a Liberal and a Conservative government, 53% would prefer a Liberal government, 47% a Conservative government. In BC 58% would prefer the Liberals, in Ontario 55%, in Quebec 56%.

    8. 53% said they heard a lot about the blackface story, another 34% have heard some. 13% had not heard of it at all.

    9. Asked how they reacted to the story, 42% said it didn’t really bother them, 34% said they didn’t like it but felt Mr. Trudeau apologized properly and felt they could move on, and 24% said they were truly offended and it changed their view of Mr. Trudeau for the worse. Worth noting is that of that 24%, two-thirds are Conservative voters.

    10. Among those aware of the photos, asked how this might affect their vote on Election Day, 40% said they were not planning to vote Liberal anyway, 48% said it would not affect their vote and that they would decide on other issues. Of the 12% who said it was affecting their thinking, half said they were considering the Liberals but leaning away from them because of the incident and half said they were considering the Liberals but cannot support them now.

    11. That 12% tend to be younger with 71% under the age of 45. 62% voted Liberal in 2015 while 23% voted Conservative. 27% identified as a member of a visible minority or racialized community, 9-points higher than the national average in our sample. 57% of this group would still prefer the Liberals to win compared with 43% who prefer the Conservatives.

    12. Those who identify as members of a visible minority community and voters under 30 were both 9 points more likely to say they were bothered by the photographs compared to non-visible minorities and older voters. However, both groups were also 12 points more likely to say that they accepted the apology and could move on. Both groups also more likely than average to say this has caused them to reconsider whether they will support the Liberals, suggesting that the ultimate impact on their voting intention is somewhat uncertain.
  12. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Looks like Trudeau is saved... Conservative leader Swayne admits to 'blacking up' in the past.


    “He would have done better to have said it was an entirely acceptable bit of fun and refused to apologise.”

    “It comes to something when you can’t dress-up as Aladdin without attracting the opprobrium of the ‘great and good’…

    I once went to a ‘Blues Brothers’ themed fancy-dress party as James Brown. I went to some trouble to be as authentic as possible. I can assure readers of this column that I have no intention of apologising.”
  13. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    I'm 64 years old and I never "blacked up" even once. I feel left out.

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