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Should I test?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by antoniou, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking for the voice of reason. AF is due either tomorrow or Monday. I'm currently 10DPO and have started to have period cramps most of the afternoon. Last night I had some very pale pinkish cm on tissue, but today it's turned to a light brown with a small dot of dark brown on pantyliner(it's not unusual for me to spot just before AF).
    At 3DPO I had period pain that was also in my lower back (never get pain in my back), at around 5DPO my boobs felt very heavy when I took bra off to have a shower and were uncomfortable 'hanging free' in the shower! At around 8DPO I had an 'implantation dip' on my BBT chart, but the following 2 days my temp started to drop, yet today's temp was the same as yesterday (which is the same as my 1DPO temp). Throughout, I've had boob twinges (usually in the side of my boobs), I'm even having some now as I type this, but boob twinges during 2ww is nothing new.
    Also, I had acupuncture today and my lady decided to do points on my back (she very rarely does my back) and between two of the point I felt a bit nauseous and dizzy and had to lie down. My acuouncturist thinks it could be that the sudden flow of energy from those points caused my BP to drop temporarily and she sais the result on my pulses was fab.
    I suppose, what I wanted to know (in a very long-winded way) is: if you were me, would you test in the morning?
    There are moments when I'm convinced I'm pg and moments when I'm convinced it's AF. Help!
  2. I hated this phase, the month I got my bfp I tested 2 days before, day before, day i was due af and day after and got all bfn. Two days after af was due got bfp. What I'm trying to say is test if u like cos i know what I was like, but be prepared it may be too early and try not to get upset/angry. i know I will as we all do. Remember its not over till she arrives. Got everything crossed for you. X
  3. antoniou - 12 months ago, I would have said test, test, test! You know I used to be the peeonastick champ around here [​IMG]
    II preferred to put myself out of my misery and see a bfn rather than torturing myself that I 'could' be pregnant (a long LP can be a drag sometimes!!)
    Think only you can decide. Good luck sweets, I'm soooo hoping this is it for you.
  4. Asta9

    Asta9 New commenter

    Last month tested loads of times before getting AF. However I would say no: if you test and it's BFN you won't be convinced until you get AF anyway, and chances of BFP are low, even if you are pregnant. So I'd say wait. But we'll see if I take my own advice this coming month!
    Either way, best of luck!! And if you already have, let us know!
  5. I bought a HUUUUGE pack of internet cheapies for those times when you get an itch that only peeing on a stick can scratch. Felt less decadent going on something that cost 20p or so than a posh and expensive digi!
  6. My boobs look massive (and that's saying something as I'm a G cup) and really veiny. If no blood when I wipe in the morning I'm poas!
  7. All I'm going say is ... Fx!
  8. Update, very dark brown blood on pantyliner, fully expected blood to be on tissue, but only scant pale brown. Do strange. I hate that our bodies do this to us. Still got AF cramps, so not looking fantastic.
  9. Good luck antoniou xx
  10. Chickened out of testing. Temp dropped again. Little amount of dark brown on pad, light brown on tissue, nothing in toilet. I feel like I'm about to come on though. Will take the wait and see approach, but I know AF is on her way. Why should this month be any different?
  11. AF arrived at 11am this morning. Typical.
  12. Rubbish! I caved in and tested only to be greeted with an enormous 'not pregnant' am telling myself this was not a test wasted as we lugged in a new washing machine today so needed to check I was ok to do that ... Still fed up though - with the result and being silly enough to hope when I shouldn't have!
    Hug coming your way Antoniou.
  13. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    So sorry to hear that Antoniou! I've been away over night and just read up on this thread with great excitement with the symptoms. Massive hugs coming your way!

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