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Should I Tell HT I’m applying for non-teaching roles?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by timeforachange123, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. timeforachange123

    timeforachange123 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am in my 3rd year of teaching and have felt for the last 18 months that going into teaching was a mistake. This school year has compounded that (stress-related illness, having to start counselling, etc) and I am determined to move outside of teaching. I feel that a new school would not solve the issue because I am actually quite well-supported at my current school and get good-to-outstanding lesson observations. It is teaching itself and the pressures and stresses surrounding it which make me feel that I need to move on.

    I have a couple of questions about jobseeking that I am not sure of the answer to:

    1) Should I tell my headteacher that I am applying for roles outside of teaching?
    I will need to put them down as a reference. While I will obviously give 100% while still in role, I worry that a stigma will be attached if I make it clear that I want to leave teaching before I actually have a job to go to. I can’t afford to be out of work as I have a recently-acquired mortgage to pay.

    2) I work in an academy and my contract states that I have a notice period of 2 months. Does that mean that I could (if an offer arose) hand in my notice at the end of this half term, to start after Feb half term? There is no reference to the Burgundy Book in my contract.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. timeforachange123

    timeforachange123 New commenter

  3. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    Yes - at the point which you have formally applied for another role.

    The notice period you state seems to be clear if it shows 2 months. While a post outside of teaching could start earlier, the school needs sufficient time to recruit and replace you.

    You could clarify/negotiate this with the head when seeing them about applying for jobs outside of teaching. They will appreciate the time it gives them to advertise and appoint.
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  4. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    You are not obliged to tell your Head, as it is usual outside teaching for references to be taken up after a conditional offer is made. You would need to confirm this with your prospective employer if you want to keep it secret. Of course, you would need to ask for permission if you want to take time off for interviews. In my experience of applying for jobs before I started teaching, I never told my employer about my applications and went to intervews outside my working hours. So, propsective employers will be used to this sort of thing.

    As far as your notice is concerned, it looks clear based on what you have said, but you do need to be sure that it does not specify leaving at the end of term or similar.
  5. timeforachange123

    timeforachange123 New commenter

    Thanks for replies everyone :)

    Elsewhere in the contract, it states that my employment is subject to ‘the provisions of the Education Act and those local and national agreements that relate to conditions of service’. Do you think thay this means that I am subject to the Burgundy Book conditions? (And therefore have to wait until Easter to leave)
  6. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    It sounds possible. Perhpaps you will need to come clean about your interviews and ask. Sorry, I can't be sure.
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  7. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    You probably need to check the contract with HR.
    Most heads are sufficiently sensible to appreciate that not everyone wants teaching as a life long career and don't hold against departing staff.
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  8. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    You don't need to tell your HT if you are applying for a non-teaching job. In most cases a non-teaching employer will not contact referees before any interview and most will check with you before doing so anyway. If any interview happens during a school holiday or after school hours you don't even need to tell your HT about this, Some employers might even accept references from other sources.

    I know of one teacher who turned his part-time non-teaching job into a full time one and the first time his HT knew about it was when he handed in his notice. Being an academy it was also a short notice period and it didn't half create a stink. But he had a poor relationship with the HT, if you have a good one it might be better to be open from the start, no wise employer wants to keep hold of an employee who doesn't really want to be there.
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