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should I stay or should I go?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by alexpotter, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I would strongly echo sunblest. How guilty would you feel, if in your diminished state, or fragile mental health, you said or even did something to a child that you regretted and wouldn't dream of doing normally? Its not that far a leap considering the state you are in now.
    Also, are you <u>really</u> being fair on the children by struggling in everyday? You are leaving anyway, so 'letting them down' is not really part of the equation, wouldnt it be better for them to have someone there now who has the energy, the time and above all, <u>wants</u> to be there?
    Please dont take this as a criticism of you - it is not intended to be - I am simply hoping you will stop feeling so 'guilty' about being off sick by looking at it from the other side. The school wont support you because they know you are going and are not going to waste time and resources for a few more weeks.
    If your performance over the next few weeks is poor because you are trying to avoid a sickness record, it may be reflected in any future reference, whereas your absences are no longer allowed to be asked for on an application form.
    Take the rest of the time off sick (because you are) until you leave and use it to get your energy and confidence levels back, before you try and get another job. Otherwise you will be in such a state when you finish you wont have the confidence or energy to find yourself another job, at anything, let alone teaching.
    You cant look after anyone else if you dont look after yourself first.
    Best wishes x

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