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Should I return to my training school or stay put?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by a5453771, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. I undertook an English GTP last year at the same school I attended as a pupil myself (albeit 7 years later) and loved it. The guidance and inspiration I experienced was superb; this is a place with a special atmosphere, clear direction and leadership. Sadly, there were no jobs available at the time so I applied elsewhere and I am undertaking my NQT year (permanent, full time) at a school in a more affluent part of the city. Although I found the first term tough, I am coping much better and even starting to enjoy myself!
    I maintained links with my colleagues at the first school and have been alerted to a vacancy (P, F/T), beginning in September. My dilemma is this: do I apply for the job at the first school, or stay put?
    I would be leaving behind a 'new build' for less high-tech facilities (and would no longer have my own classroom), the comfort of working with predominantly able/compliant children, a more rigid behaviour/sanctions policy...
    My heart leapt when I heard the news about the job. Since there is obviously no guarantee I would be successful, is it worth applying and running the risk of the awkwardness it might cause in my current school?
    I really haven't a clue what to do and I would love to know people's honest views on the situation: what advice would you give me at this early stage in my career?
    Sincere thanks in advance,

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