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Should I plan for days I am not contracted to work?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by smithnjones, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I wonder if anyone can advise me. I am returning from maternity leave next month to my full time job (classroom teacher - primary school). The governors approved my request for part-time hours from September (.8 contract - 4 days per week), which I am delighted about.
    However, the HT has since made it clear that a teaching assistant (not necessarily a HLTA) will cover the day I am not in school and I will need to plan lessons for him/her. And, I assume, mark any work that arises, provide resources, etc. Since TAs also cover our PPA, it means that my class will be taught by a TA nearly 1.5 days per week (all of which I will plan for).
    This doesn't sit well with me, but I am not sure what to do about it. My HT has done a lot for me over the years and I don't want to make any waves, but I asked for a reduction in hours (and pay!) so I can spend more time with my little one. Is her request reasonable? I'd appreciate any feedback or advice.

  2. I would say that no you shouldn't be planning for that day. I don't think you should be planning for your PPA time either (or marking work arising from it either for that matter). There has got to be give and take between the head and staff but I think your head is asking for too much. It's her choice to employ a TA to cover PPA (shouldn't be doing that either!) so you should not have the extra work that will come from it. There is legislation to back you up I think (should you need it).
  3. Cupsy

    Cupsy New commenter

    I also teach 4 days a week. On my day off my class is taught by the schoool's ppa teacher. I plan for the literacy and the numeracy for the whole week and give the planing to the teacher. I find it easier for continuity if I plan the lessons. However, the teacher then goes away and resources the lesson and marks the work. It's also up to them if they want to adapt the planning, so long as the objectives are covered they are experienced enough to deliver them how they see fit. It depends on whether the class are continuing work I've started with them.
    During the afternoon they teach History and Geography. They do all the planning, resourcing and marking for this. I will also ask them to fill in the children's reports for these areas.

  4. No you shouldn't have to do that. I work 0.6 and while I do far more than 0.6 in reality, what happens on the other two days is nothing to do with me (of course we communicate though). You are paid 0.8, therefore you do 0.8 of parents evenings (difficult in reality though!), 0.8 of report writing, 0.8 of APP and 0.8 of staff meetings etc... There is of course give and take in these situations but it sounds like you'll be doing all the work for less pay which is hardly worth it.

    There is reasonable part time guidance in the teachers pay and conditions document so have a look and if necessary give your union a call, they can easily give you advice without the school knowing and without causing an argument.
  5. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    I agree that it is completely unreasonable for the HT to expect this of you. Though they do like to try it on don't they? I would suggest going in armed with some suggestions. Could puzzles and problems or investigations in maths be done on the other person's day (which does not mean you will never do any on your days). That way they can plan their own. Could they have a subject like art or music or P.E. to teach? As for literacy, I think that is one that becomes a bit harder to separate out.

    I know a few of the teachers in my school plan the PPA lessons but I refuse to, the most I do is plan how their lessons fit into my overall topics in my longterm plans and give them that and they do the medium and short term planning.

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