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Should I or shouldn't I??

Discussion in 'Personal' started by surf kitty too, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. surf kitty too

    surf kitty too Occasional commenter

    I have always wanted to trek the Inca Trail, ever since seeing a picture of Macchu Pichu about 20 years ago.
    Thing is though, its expensive. I have some money stashed away in ISAs/shares etc. I could spend some of it, and be dead careful about not spending anything between now and August.
    I rarely go out anyway. I haven't been on holiday for 2 years, apart from a few weekends visiting friends in this country. I live on my own, pay all the bills, but I don't smoke, buy designer stuff, my car is ancient but mine, and I have nothing at all on credit, not even on a credit card.
    So, theoretically I could go.
    But what if my car dies? What if the boiler gives up the ghost? What if.....?
    Should I or shouldn't I??
  2. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    Do it. Do it. Do it.
    You'll regret it if you don't.
    You can't live your life saying 'What if'.
  3. Do it! Once you get past January you can cope without hot water (if you have an electric shower and kettle). The car... You can beg lifts or get a bike.
  4. 100% agree with...
    But I understand your worries about all the other stuff. Go for it though.
  5. I'd say life's too short for what ifs.
    You might wake up one day and not be able to do it - go for it!
    I've always wanted to trek the sahara but the state of my hips now means I'd not manage - I'd be in too much pain after the first day, I'd never complete it. If I could turn back the clocks 10 years, there wouldn't be the 'what ifs' that stopped me from doing it, there would be a sign me up!
  6. Go for it! You're in a fab position so why not?
    Enjoy x
  7. Go for it... sounds like you are sensible with money and if you haven't had a holiday you sure deserve one
  8. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Absolutely go for it! You only get one chance on this earth, make the most of it! I have to say that is exactly the kind of thing I want to do too, it looks so amazing.
  9. Go for it, don't even think twice just do it.
  10. surf kitty too

    surf kitty too Occasional commenter

    Its booked!!!!!!
    Will be trekking the Trail in August, and flying over the Nazca Lines too [​IMG]
    Have alerted my financial advisor (old friend!) that I am spending MY money [​IMG]
    Ooh, roll on August!

  11. Brilliant! So glad you chose to do it!
    I'm ever so slightly jealous, but I'll find other places and things that I can do!
    Have a FAB time! x
  12. Yay! Enjoythe time between now and August!
    Careful who you book to fly you over the Nazca Lines. Due to several crashes we weren't allowed to take the students on a Nazca flight. I think there was another crash this year due to cruddily maintained planes :-( The driving in Peru will tell you that they don't do health and safety there. A taxi I went in actually had seats which slid forward when the driver pressed the middle pedal!

  13. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    DO IT DO IT DO IT, Peru is fantastic, Machu Pichu is ace. We didn't trek the Inca Trail, but did go to Mach Pichu, the whole of the Sacred Valley is fantasic and Arequipa is also a very beautiful city. I loved Peru, we spent 4 weeks there doing the Gringo trail.
  14. So glad for you.
    Now you don't just have a holiday booked. You have 7 months of anticipation to enjoy.
  15. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    So glad that you saw sense! Have a great time!
  16. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    here is an amercian comment forum about the place.travelling at a different time
    Read it down as it has a few interesting points.

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