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Should I move schools?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by EnglishTeacher20, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I've been teaching for three years at my school and five years in total. During that time I have always received good or outstanding lesson observations, work incredibly hard and, in my opinion, gone above and beyond.
    More recently a close family member has become seriously ill and I have been the sole carer with no support network to help. My school said that I could have time off for hospital appointments, etc. and I have also had one week signed off by my GP for stress. My head has now told me that I have had too much time off...
    My work has always been my priority and the school have reaped the rewards of this over the years. However, my Year 10 marking has fallen behind as a result of stress, increased workload, etc. All other work has been done as usual. The head has received a complaint about this from a parent and has said that she will support rather than go down an 'informal capability route'.
    As a union rep, I know that we are not in informal capability territory but have followed all of the Head's suggestions for improvement and have agreed a time scale to mark the Year 10 work.
    This week that Head has told me that I will not be following my year group through to the end of their school career as she feels a 'lack of trust' and worries that I will 'go under' with stress. Unfortunately this is not the only time that she has undermined me in this way - it has been happening for at least 2 years so well before the family sickness.
    I have seen a teaching job at another school but it is a step down from HOY. Should I take it and start afresh, afterall can I work with a Head who claims not to trust me? Or should I stick it out and hope that things will improve?
  2. Or, option 3, get your union involved.
  3. In fairness, if you are a HOY someone HAS to replace you as a stand in because your phone will always be ringing and kids in your Year group do have to be organised, sorted, problems dealt with etc. It's on-going (and exhausting!) isn't it?
    Who has been standing in for you in your absence? Do your have a deputy or assistant?
    Your Head seems to be assuming that as sole carer for your relative your priorities are going to be elsewhere, and that you will as a result become unreliable - which is a bit unfair. Does she have a crystal ball?
    Sadly, teachers DO fall out of favour because of absence. (I am sure it's all to do with letting the side down...no wonder teachers feel guilty if they desert their posts!) It shouldn't happen, but it does.
    I'd tell her that losing your Year group concerns you. Is it a demotion? Make it clear that you are angry and annoyed. I presume she will use you and your management points in some other capacity?
    You need to find out what her plans for you are - it could be that she wants to relieve you of pressure at a difficult time. It could be her plans are in your best interests and the interests of the kids in your Year. I'd not throw in the towel and move just yet. (Wouldn't you feel that you'd moved with a cloud hanging over your abilities?) I would consult a Union member for advice and try to negotiate a good deal for you. (It might be a GOOD thing to have a less pressured role for a while - who knows?)
    Hope it works out OK for you.

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