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Should I make the leap?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by nans, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. I am a head of KS4 English in my 7th year of teaching and keen for my next post to be a Head of Department. When I started teaching (youthful idealism intact) I was determined never to teach in a private school. However, looking for jobs at the moment and there are several available in private schools. My question is, should I make the leap from state to independent at this stage in my career? If I do so, will I regret it? And will I ever be able to go back the other way?
    Thanks in advance for any advice

  2. Just a thought - I have taught in both state and Independent schools. I consider myself extremely fortunate as I was able to transfer my "skills" successfully when "moving" between the two systems. However I have met a lot of teachers who moved into the independent schools and are still there but very few who have moved into the state schools. There are different pressures and expectations, as with ALL schools, but the experience was definitely worth all the "added" stress.

    Best wishes
  3. The reason why most teachers do not go back to the state sector is that they much prefer the indy sector. If you are thinking this much about it, you should at least visit the schools. That should make up your mind one way or the other.
    I would never go back to the state sector. I actually get to teach now. For example, with the new changes (ridiculous changes) coming to the Science GCSEs next year, we have the ability to switch to the IGCSE course which will be more like the subject we love and want to teach.
  4. After three years in a really tough state school (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I've just taken a post at an independent school. I ummed and arred about the pros and cons (and had a similar moral dilemma to yours), but the indy was much nearer to home, and I now have a young family that I didn't have when I started at my first place. It took one look around to make me realise how happy I'd be at my new school, and after two weeks there, I'm loving every minute.
    The kids aren't any "easier" to teach. Behaviour is not an issue, but they consume knowledge at a rate I hadn't expected. They also write. A LOT. My marking load has trebled, and my days are longer, but I'm less stressed, and I'll have longer holidays.
    There's pros and cons, but at the moment, I wouldn't go back.
  5. Thanks to all for your thoughtful and helpful responses. I am still thinking about what to do, but your input has definitely helped.

  6. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I found that on moving from a state school to an independent prep school in Sept that I am much more tired during term time (longer days and a boarding duty once a week), however I am far less stressed than I was in the state sector, although at the time I hadn't considered myself stressed where I was before, actually in hindsight I was. Was getting migraines every couple of weeks, and have had once since Sept since moving!

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