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Should I join a union? Which one?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cliveceltic, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I have only just started on supply having first day work this week and a half day booked in so far. My mum, a retired head, keeps telling me to join a union in case anything happens on supply meaning I need support. Thing is, it's all money and so far my 1 day of work has cost me the CRB check, GTC membership and list me this weeks JSA. I am applying for jobs and the ink and stamps are citing a fortune too!!

    So, should I be spending on union subs and if so which union is best for supply/offer cheaper rates for supply. I was NUT before my 4 year career break.

  2. jmntsp

    jmntsp New commenter

    I'm on supply and with the NUT. I wouldn't recommend any union particularly - your choice - but I would definitely recommend you join one of them, regardless of cost. I hear what you are saying about money, and empathise, but I would never, EVER teach without being in a union - your mum is right! Imagine what you would do if you were accused of assaulting a pupil, for instance! Can you afford the solicitor's fees? You need your union's backing.
  3. Unions love to scaremonger. Most are rip-off, moneyspinning huge bureacracies.
    Many unionless, clever practitioners have defended themselves. The law is the law!
    There are also pretty **** lawyers about!
  4. Personal choice and risk. If it goes pear shaped in school you will simply be dropped by the school and agency. A union can't do anything coz your are a Temp.
    Perhaps if you are reported to the GTC then maybe a union would be good. However as I understand the GTC pays for the top lawyers and they only go for you when they know they can win.
    If it goes seriously pear shaped and you end up in court. If you ain't got no capital then hopefully there is legal aid.
    Having said my view I have read on here that supply teachers have benefited from being in a union.
    For me no union and no union subs. WInds me up payin em when I am signing on.

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