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Should I have been more honest ?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by dotty62, May 24, 2011.

  1. The teacher I work with and have a brilliant working relationship is going on maternity in July and won't be back to school until May/June 2012. My Head Teacher has found cover for this period but I'm really not keen on the teacher she's chosen. When we chatted about maternity cover during my performance management review, two names were put forward and although I didn't actually say how I felt about this particular teacher and I did make it clear in my comments that I preferred the other one. I didn't think it was very professional to say how stronly I really felt, as I am "only" ( I hate that "only" word as we are so much more ! ) the teaching assistant.
    Was told today of her decision but still didn't feel I could say anything, so my head teacher thinks I'm okay with everything and I'm really not. I love my job but for the next two terms I've got to put on a brave face and keep smiling, even though inside I feel like crying.

    Should I have been more honest ? Too late now I know !!!!!!!

  2. I have been in your situation many a time after 10 years. If your Head is anything like mine, yes you should have been honest. Heads, Teachers, Teaching Assistants are under a lot of stress as it is and having to cope with working with a Teacher you don't like, adds to the situation. We are there to teach and nuture children in in an environment where it is friendly and stress free, not add fuel to the fire with a tense, atmosphere only makes things more difficult. If I were you I would go back, or at least give the teacher a try, you never know he/she might be lovely and a good all rounder.
  3. I would say that you have taken the better route. Well done for the tact during the PM and for not causing a fuss. I wouldn't make an issue of it now, as the head will have already sorted this out with the other teacher and you will likely cause friction. Make the best of the situation, and try to make the relationship work. I second debs comment about giving the teacher a fair try.
  4. please do not > under value < yourself . only the t a .You have a very important role to play
    and no, it isnt too late.. go see your head as soon as possible.. if you really think you wont be able to get on with the this particular teacher, why make your working life more stressful than it already is......................

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