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Should I give up?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pedigree, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Well done for your persistence...but the rot and corruption is so deeply set over the use of unqualified people as teachers that a truly large groundswell of united unemployed suppy teachers and a whole host of others need to be mobilised! Just today I seriously thought about cancelling my NUT subs but...?!
  2. Historygrump we also need to post comments on the Headteachers' forum and others so that the issue becomes HOT! whether they like it or not!
    They must not be allowed to persist in their denial and hypocrisy. They need to read all the posts on the supply teacher's fora. I guarantee many will protest but so what?
  3. [​IMG]
    Bronco nothing you have written in other forums (concerning PPA cover etc) is fabricated or assumed but yet you get labasted by your findings. For alot of people it seems the truth is hard to accept especially when they're not looking for it or want to know. They paint over your paragraphs with many more of their own, only to cover the rot. It is no longer questionable whether there is a problem or not but yet thats where we seem to be - surrounded by a blinkered majority of full timers, not all with heads up their *** but ignorrant nevertheless.
    This is being panned out right throughout society. So long as we assume that we're living comfortable, safe lives we can switch off and but pay our charitable dues. Its just life accepted innit? - I give the banks money to survive and they charge me £12 for every late payment. Six lads die (rip) in a multi billion pound war and the next day they're advertising for recruits at bus shelters. MPs vote on our behalf, drunk. Students dont even question why they have to pay £10 for a free student card. Loan sharks legitimately advertise their services on television. You know I could go on.
    Its either mass apathy, loss or despair over the amount of **** thats going on. Society has been programmed to be immune to decades of continuous and sutble changes to its ownership. The last two bastions of public service - NHS and education are getting chipped away. We just happen to be where some of that 'chipping' is taking place. If we start to deny this problem then we are part of its making.
    Excuse any spiel.
    I agree that we could be more organised but have no idea how. This is our 'corner' and only we know what its like to fight in it. Guys 'chins up'!!!=3D
  4. So many in actual denial never cover their eyes but stare, straight-faced, unblinkingly at one with no guilty body language at all!? Watch Mr Gove, Other Mps and the HTs...?

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