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Should I complain about HOD?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by wishihadagoodname, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Hi. Any advice would be appreciated here!
    I have recently returned to work after a year on Maternity Leave, and have a new HOD who I am finding it very difficult to work with. Firstly I was given a timtable that is very hectic with 3 frees and 4 PPAs a fortnight. Something which I wouldn't mind so much, but other people in my department have had classes taken off of them, and given to me. So now one person has 10 frees and 4 PPAS, and two others 8 frees and 4 PPAs. In one instance, the person with 10 frees as had a class taken off of them (notoriously one of the most 'challenging' group in the School), given to me and they are now free in all of those sessions.
    I have spoken to my HOD about this decision, as it seems very strange to take a teacher away from a class so late on in the year, however I was given a response of 'well, I'm sure there was a reason for the decision, but I can't remember what'. But no other reason or way of resolving the situation.
    I wouldn't mind the anount of frees I have, but when others are sat in the office most of the time while I am really struggling to juggle everything at the moment, it is really getting me down. I have spoken to our union rep about the unequal distibution of frees, but again, the HOD didn't give any main reason, or a way of resolution.
    The HOD seems very indecisive, and is really struggling to run the department. The way that I am not being listened to and things are being run in general is making me feel like I want to leave. The person with 10 frees and 4 PPAs next term will now have 22 frees and 4 PPAs due to Yr11 release, while I am still teaching a very full timetable with a little one at home and after a year off it is hard getting back into the swing of things. It does seem very unfair.
    I want to go someone above my HOD to speak to them about resolving the situation, as I am not looking forward to coming back in September to such a poorly run department when it used to be so strong and united.
    Any advice is welcomed...it is rather long and I am having a bit of a rant as well!! Thanks
  2. Having "a little one" is not irrelevant. You are possibly being harassed and bullied. Look at the Discrimination Act 2010 and you can work out if you have been treated more unfavourably than a comparable member of your department. It is then direct discrimination and very possibly generated by the maternity leave. You have a right to a family life. This is enshrined in law. Do not let people bully you.
  3. I do know what you mean. And since I have been back at work I really have been trying to keep up, my classes are all well behaved and I am bonding withe them all well in spite of feeling like I am in a daze with so much to do at home and being woken up at silly hours in the morning and the night.
    I am just wondering who I can go to in the School to discuss these decisions further?
    I am conscious that she is currently doing the timetable for September, and if I question it further she will have every right to give me, not difficult classes, but to make my timetable difficult. She won't have the right, but how can I disprove it?
    I think I will speak to her again. If she just gave this one class back to their old teacher (who is still currently teaching them once a fortnight but is now free for all of their other lessons) then things would be much fairer. Their old teacher will now have 22 frees a fortnight with yr 11 release...that to me is outrageous. I have made suggestions of intevention works with C/D borderling classes to make use of the spare time we have but there seems to be little hope of this materialising.
    I have never complained about anything before, but this is really getting to me.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Do you want this class to be given back because they are a challenging class? If it looks that way you will be unlikely to get your way. Maybe suggest giving back a different class, perhaps an easier one, so as to protect yourself from gossip about only wanting nice classes?
  5. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Yes, all of this is very unfair and I would feel exactly the same in your postition.
    We had a similar situation once in our department but it was easy to see why because essentially the HOD was being manipulated by another team member who was given all the nice, easy groups. Like your she too was very indecisive and was quite in awe of this person.
    Have you spoken to the 2i/c of your department about this? Failing that your overall line manager?
  6. You've hit the nail on the head. Pretty much the same story here. The class that I want to give back are lovely now that I have been teaching them and I am their tutor, so they are no longer a challenging group, it's more the principal.

    The Second in department is only temporary and therefore I wouldn't really be able to speak to her. I think I know who my line manager is,and it heppen to be the same person who does the timetabeling (for Sept, not last two terms) so think I will give that a go.
  7. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Go to the top and complain as loudly as possible. Write all the evidence down and be assertive and not aggressive. This is not fair and any reasonable person will support you - your HT has a duty of care to all his/her staff and your HoD is out of order by the sounds of it.
    Congrats on the baby by the way!
  8. That's interesting. I have just looked at the act, and I think you're right.
    (But must be acted on relatively quickly, as I understand it)
    OP I have come across unfair timetables several times, and always thought that it was just the luck of the draw. However, in your case it does seem really ridiculous.
    Hope you can get the situation resolved, if not internally, then via your union.


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