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Should I become an exam marker?

Discussion in 'English' started by CarolineEm, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    Hi Gemma

    I contacted the examination board who run the GCSE, A/S and A level exams in my subjects at my school (the AQA) via their web-site - although I also went to a moderation session for AQA Media coursework (A/S and A level) last week and they gave out information about becoming a marker there.

    I'm not sure about who you contact for marking the National Curriculum Tests (often referred to as SATS but you won't find much if you search for them under that). I'm sure one of the others will let us know though....

    Good luck in your final few months of your course.
  2. Hi Gemma,

    I just received stuff for SATs this year including a flyer asking for new markers.

    They're asking for people interested in marking KS2/KS3/Year7 English
    and KS2 & 3 Science to contact ema-recruit@aqa.org.uk or ring 0870 241 3540. It says "AQA welcomes applications from newly qualified teachers and PCGE students".
  3. There are some useful thoughts on this and I wondered if anybody had anything to add as this is something I am considering (it saved me opening a new thread ...)
  4. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    All those years ago, the marking of national curriculum tests (NCTs) was in the hands of the AQA.

    Then Pearson had a go.

    For the next five years, if you want to mark NCTs, you need the following contact:

  5. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    (The firm is called "ETS (Europe)" - a subsidiary of ETS Global, an American company.) It's very keen on a greater use of technology than we're used to. In the USA, examiners/markers are known as "scorers" and they do most of their work online.
  6. Thank you :eek:)
  7. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    Except the online training doesn't work - at all!! Grrrr!
  8. Hi,

    I'm not sure if you've decided yet but I thought I'd let you knwo what I think.

    I have marked SATS, GCSE and A Level for a number years. Having said that, I only did SATS once - I hated it - such a bizarre way of marking I think.

    I mark GCSE online for Edexcel and although it's time consuming, it isn't boring! There's also no annotation. I have also marked A Level which I also found interesting.

    To put it in short - SATS were a chore and A Level and GCSE weren't.

    Hope that helps
  9. Thanks for that. How much do they pay you? (Getting down to the important part!)
  10. It varies depending on what you mark.

    A Level are paying something like £3.26 per paper for this January and I'll mark 300 papers in just under 2 weeks. Never done it in Jan before so am a bit worried about managing on top of a full timetable!

    GCSE marking has been paid in various ways over the last couple of years. It roughly works out to be about £1000 give or take a bit but you mark A LOT more than you would have to do at A Level. I'm not entirely sure because I always mark extra ones so this might be quite far out.

    SATS paid quite well but I just found the way it hard to be marked really difficult to follow!! Seems silly really because my feedback at GCSE and A Level has been excellent.

    I guess it depends on what you're happiest teaching - I prefer KS4 and 5. I onloy mark one paper in the GCSE though which is mainly writing skills - I find it incredibly straight-forward.

    I originally got into it to help with my teaching and it has definitely made my teaching a lot more focused.

    hope that helps!
  11. It does! Thank you (again!)
  12. Just wanted to clear up some errors above about the ks3 tests (definitely NOT sats notice..)

    First of all reading and writing have been marked separately for at least the last three years.

    Secondly, standard allocation is 650 scripts (not 250 as suggested above and too many imho)

    Thirdly, pay is £2.34 per script and the mark scheme is more difficult to follow than the A level one.
  13. But yes - I'd recommend marking public exams (not KS3 though unless you really need the money as I did the last couple of years)
  14. I've always found KS3 assessment fine - what is it that makes it such a nightmare?
  15. I saw an ad in The Guardian for markers, and when I went to the website it asks newcomers to click on a section.

    However, when I click on it, my computer says no - "unable to trust as a reliable site".


    Has anyone else found this?
  16. Computer says no? I'll do a test
  17. Anna - I mark GCSE Eng. Lit Higher paper for AQA. They pay just over £4.00 a script, plus you get £100 + expenses for going to the initial standardisation/training meeting. PLUS - if the meeting is scheduled during half-term (which it has been for the past 2 years) you get an extra £100.00.
    AQA are very prompt payers. As lots of others have said on here, marking is slow to begin with but you speed up as you go on. I also think it's brilliant for your teaching as you pick up many good ideas (and can warn students of any pitfalls). All in all, I think GCSE marking is well worth it. (I marked sats/ncts once and would never to it again - it's twice as complicated & time-consuming and the money isn't as good.)
  18. Hi,
    I mark for AQA Paper 2 Lang and I actually enjoy it. It's informed my teaching loads. Have just been asked to be a team leader - yeehah! :)
    It is slow to start with but you soon get into the swing of things. I marked NCTs a few years ago and it was vile but I hear things have changed considerably.
    Marking is tiring - and you have to resign yourself to having no life whatsoever for about a month - and I think it's important you start with the minimum allocation and then build up to extra papers - you can always ask for more scripts if you finish early.
    Good luck!
  19. Will marking NCTs enhance my teaching? I have marked GCSE for a few years now and find it incredibly useful. Was going to mark NCTs this year to try to inform my teaching of Year9 in particular. Will it help me???


    mcclusky xx
  20. I will never mark again. I ate, slept and breathed the damn things for a whole month. I just couldn't switch off from it. Then I'd go through stages where I was paranoid that my marking was all over the place. A nightmare. As it turns out, my marking was fine and the money was nice, but no compensation for those lovely summer evenings when you could be doing something much more interesting.

    Maybe do it once, just to make you appreciate there's more to life.

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