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should I be bothered if my TA is bitching about me?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by halftermheaven, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. halftermheaven

    halftermheaven New commenter

    I've got two TAs in my class. One is new to the job and the other is more experienced. The one new to the job is youngish too.

    The more experienced TA has told me that the young TA is bitching about everybody behind people's backs. She *** about other people to me, but I don't get bother with her. She just loves a bit of DRAMA and any little thing is "eeeeh have you heard about so and so" blah blah blah. Anyway the more experienced TA has told me that she *** about me, the most. I'm the key stage coordinator and there's probably a lot to *** about because I have to keep her in line. Plus everyone *** about their boss don't they?

    I didn't mind too much until today when the experienced TA told me that she was bitching to nursery staff about an unresolved disagreement between us. It was just about whether or not I'd told her to do something. Not important at all, but I'm not happy about everyone thinking I'm in the wrong. Now in this case we agreed to disagree - I told myself I'll start writing instructions down! But she then apparently went into Nursery to say that she was right etc which I now feel angry because I feel I was in the right. Because I'm more professional I don't ever get to say my side and feel that everyone will always believe her.

    I'm middle management in a school where there is a LOT of bitching. The management *** about the staff and vice versa. It's normal. The management would challenge her if I went to them, but she'll simply deny it all and there's no evidence. I've challenged her before and she just denies it. it's all verbal anod nothing concrete.

    It is worth noting that the experienced TA has heard from a member of staff in Nursery and not heard herself, so I'd be dragging a lot of people into an uncomfortable situation about she said this and she said this and it's just childish.

    Should I bother? What can I do in this situation, and can I do anything to reduce this in the future?

  2. halftermheaven

    halftermheaven New commenter

    Haha it's blanked out the word (female dog )

    And it's not put my paragraphs in! Sort it out TES.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Do you work in my school by any chance?

    Just ignore it. Everyone will get to know exactly what she is like and know what you are like and so make their own conclusions.
  4. You say you work in a bitchy school but you're unwilling to get involved in it, even when someone's chattin' **** about you. I'd guess you're a respected member of staff in a bloody tricky place to work - don't cheapen yourself by cracking and joining in now.
    Also, maybe this is a cringingly British thing to say, but I think there's a power-thing, too. Somehow, it's more acceptable for a TA to *** about a teacher than vice versa. One of my colleagues (teacher) is aaaalways bitching about her TA and I find it gross. And it makes me distrust this person.
  5. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Rise above it. If you don't like it, don't join in. Turn the other cheek and be unfailingly nice and professional. It's the only way to challenge a negative culture IMHO. Best of.
  6. I agree with the others, maintain your professional composure.
    That said, she is a young TA who sooner or later needs to realise that what she is doing is highly unprofessional. I think it is normal to have a bit of a gossip or whinge about others you work with occasionally, but the amount of bitching you are describing is definately not on and wont help her with her future career!
    I think it would perhaps have to come from the head though, and for a member of SLT to have actually heard the bitc*ing directly.

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