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Should children on concern forms be added to SEN register

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by teachersmate, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi, back again for more advice, this forum is great for new SENco's
    There are two children in my Infant school who are being monitered on concern/early intervention forms. They do not have IEP's but the staff are keeping an eye on them in case we need to move in that direction.
    The school secretary has just come to check the SEN register with me and both of these children are on it. I understood that the concern/early intervention stage was prior to being offically put on the register?
    Have I got it all wrong? Not sure what to do next, nobody in the school seems to know.
  2. I suppose that depends on what interventions are happening. If they are just accessing differentiated or wave2 provision within school then no they would not need to be on Code of Practice record/SEN register.
    However, if you have concerns about their development or progress this should be discussed with parents at an appropriate level by the class teacher so that, should you feel that their needs are such that they have become and SEN issue, it doesn't come as some great big slap in the face when this is raised with them.


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