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Shot by pupil!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by darjones, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Hi does anyone know of a teacher/s who have been shot or stabbed by a pupil?
    If so have they any advice on what should been done or what to expect to be done by everyone- authority/school/union.....
    any advice really appreciated
  2. Hi does anyone know of a teacher/s who have been shot or stabbed by a pupil?
    If so have they any advice on what should been done or what to expect to be done by everyone- authority/school/union.....
    any advice really appreciated
  3. I hope you have life insurance.
  4. Are you in Wales by any chance?
  5. Or are you just a journalist out for something lurid and juicy to bash teachers with?
  6. Yes I'm in Wales and no I'm not the journalist...
    I can't believe that I am the only teacher to have been shot in school in the UK. So wanted some advice on what I should have expected to happen. The boy didn't get punished...8mth referral order to see a social worker once a week to do 'activites'.
    Oh I did £300 to be paid a quid a month for the next 300 months ...lucky me!!!
    .....which is an insult (and not because I think I should have got more)

  7. Should this be you - which I am not convinced of - you can presumably taking out a private claim against the individual?
    Episodes like this sadly no doubt will be more common place as the number of gun/knife crime incidences continues to escalate out of control..... and as the number of young people given DTOs is set to decrease more of these individuals will suddenly no longer be a threat to society...
    Though I am not condoning the boy's actions, if the case is to be believed he felt quite "bullied" by your treatment of him; was this a failure of school policy or have you too learned some lessons from the experience?
  8. Given that firearms are illegal in the UK and actually even police are unarmed; lus given the general occurrence rate of school shootings even in countries like the US; and the fact that even in the Columbine shooting there was only one teacher among the victims - I really don't see why you "can't believe" you are the only teacher shot in the UK?
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Google would suggest that yeps this is an isolated incident never seen before.
    Also had a teacher ever been shot, do you not think it would have made the national news?
  10. I hope you never placed in a position like mine!!
    The boy was never bullied and in fact taken out off PE lessons since he was in year 8 to do extra Maths!! So I had not actually taught him for over a year.
    I said 'good morning' on the day on the shooting. He was in year 9 when he decided to do what he did.
    In year 7 he happy did games and even came to my lunchtime fittness club.
    I was told his court case was a closed one...he pleaded guilty which means (for everyone....including as I have found out recently...rape cases....spouse beatings..etc that once a person pleads guilty ...you have no legal right to representation in court)..
    any how the boy pleaded guilty.......I wasn't allowed in court to challenge anything said...and he was allowed to say 'anything' that will get him off the charge The newspapers were allowed,,,,however to report on what he had said.
    Your last comment is really unprofessional......you have no idea of the facts and it's people like you who read things in the paper and believe it must be true, how really pathetic !!!!!!
    Learn some lessons...oh yes I have........never offer my free time to help pupils.......that teaching is just a job...whereas before I truely enjoyed it as saw it as part of my life...often to detrimental effect to my family...you know rugby, football games, cricket etc after school....not home until gone 6...and summer cricket nights...gone 9!!!!!
    I did expect to some degree that people in teaching profession to actually be sensible, when reading comments made by a 13 year old who alomost killed a person and didn't want to get punished for the crime.
    And are you saying that we must put up with the youth of today...and expect to get shot or stabbed ....in our work place.....
    AND no the boy or his grandparents have no money...so I'm not putting in a private claim... no point in doing that.
    As I sit here writing this........trying to actually get over being shot still......I hope once again that you are fortunate not to be placed in my position because I believe you would not be so free with your stupid, careless words!!!

  11. I agree with your sentiments above, and wish you well.
    So much stuff goes unreported, that your experience doesn't surprise me, sadly. All the best, and hope the ***** that did this gets all he deserves.
  12. paulasews

    paulasews New commenter

    Hear, hear!
    I was astounded at the negative reaction to this post. So what if you are not entirely sure whether it is honest or whether it is a journalist? Surely if there is any chance the poster is being honest then they deserve to be able to rely on these forums to reserve judgement?
    If you believe it is a journalist then simply refrain from posting.
    I am sure we have all been in the situation where a student wrongfully blames us for something they did, fortunately for most it is limited to 'I haven't done my work because YOU didn't give me a pen' or 'I'm sitting here chatting because YOU haven't told us what to do'.
  13. I was asked to go to meeting and discuss his court referral order.....after just under an hour everything I suggested was turn down with 'oh we can't do that'......some of the suggestions put forward was working in a hospital ward with people with gun shot wounds....helping old people in the community....picking up litter in the community- this was a last resort really.
    They suggested swimming and table tennis............
    Have a guess what the boy is doing as his punishment for shooting a person.....swimming, table tennis and trips out paid by me!!! and of course all of you....with your taxes.
    Has he learnt a lesson....I think so ,........if you don't like something react with violence and you get what you want......
    He's achieved exactly what he wanted.....no school !!!!!
  14. DAR, what do you want the people in charge to do with this child?
    If he's out of school, he's out of your face.
    Hanging, flogging, transportation - well, they had their day.
    If you want him jailed, get onto a good lawyer - which you won't find for free on TES! But also think about the consequence for the child, your taxes, and my taxes of keeping him there.
    I'm not being flippant but he can't have shot you very hard if you're still telling us about it.

  15. I'm here telling you about it because I was lucky.....the gun was a metre away aimed at my head. I looked up at just the right moment he fired the gun! Thank God!!!!!
    And surely that's not the point that it wasn't very hard......I was shot for goodness sake....
    what is the world coming to, when a person can get shot and then get flippant comments!!
    It hit my chin....I was told by the CID ...I would have been dead...if I hadn't moved....I moved....lucky me!!!, lucky for my children and my wife!!
    Oh sorry no it wasn't hard enough to maim or kill me!,
    so I shouldn't complain......
    I can't believe some of the comments I've received.....I challenge anyone of you to feel differently if it had been you sitting there...to look up and see a gun in your face....to hear the blast as it skims past your face......it isn't exactly a pleasant experience...and it is the most frightening thing ever to go through..
    I don't expect hanging, transporation or flogging how utterly ridiculous......what I did expect though was justice!!!!
    and if you bothered to read the punshiment I would have liked him to do......hanging wasn't mentioned......
    looking after old people in the community was.......working with our soliders with gun wounds..( so he gets to understand...exactly the damage a gun can do ) was mentioned.........even ( though as I said a last resort) was to pick up litter.....was mentioned....
    The boy's life hasn't changed at all......except no school!!! ...he's living by the school I am working in, happily walking about.....enjoying his swimming and table tennis lessons...
    The sad thing he isn't out of my life.........or my face..........
    me on the other hand .....
    I am constantly looking over my shoulder...just in case!!!!
    My wife.......hasn't smiled for months.....
    My life has changed...........you can't just get over having a gun fired at your head....... and then expect to get on with it!!!
    As I said previously.... to all the flippant, negative comments I have received I sincerely hope you are never ever placed in a situation, where a pupil stands right next to you, hold up a gun...and fire at you........
    BECAUSE.........it will change your life!!!!

  16. Dar, you need to profit from this situation before anyone else does. I'd have thought at the very least a good double page in 'Chat', but I'm sure many media companies wil have your hand off for the rights. But somebody might read all this and beat you to it.
    We often say in teaching that if we wrote a book it'd be seen as too far-fetched.....go for it my son.
  17. While I was not shot or stabbed, my life was repeatedly threatened for being American in an almost entirely Muslin college. Eventually the student came at me with both hands ready to push me over a railing and luckily another teacher intervened. If this happened to you- get out of the school/college. See an employment lawyer and sue the ***- you will win!!! I dont care how politically correct this country is- you have rights and you need to speak up for yourself- oh and let the almighty Ofsted and your local LEA know- they are also responsible. The drama will not stop until all of the meek British stand up for their rights!!! Best of luck to you.
  18. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Wow! Some cloth came looking for you? Did the, um, threads come out after you?

  19. You have an interesting history of incidents, dont you.
  20. Sounds a bit warped, or wefted, to me!

    As Clive says, an interesting life is being led there!

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