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Shortlist and then interview the next day...

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by kp1234, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Dear Theo and fellow jobseekers,,
    I am considering putting in an application for a school. It's really well located for where I live and looks lovely. However, I am being put off by their strange shortlisting and interviewing process. The adverts states that all applications should be in by noon of the cut off date. They will then shortlist that day and interview the next day. This seems very quick to me and is making me slightly suspicious. Also, it would mean me having to give my own school less than a day's notice for needing a day off for interview if I got shortlisted. I can't imagine this going down too well. [​IMG]

    Just wonderingif anyone else has been in a similar situation and also any ideas why a school might run their interviewing process in this way.

  2. I've known them to give less than 24 hours notice for an interview before. I was phoned up at 3:20pm and invited for interview the next day once for a job that was over 300 miles away. I shouldn't even have wasted my time with it, but that's another story... You could provisionally tell the person in charge of cover (if they are approachable), tell them the deal and then at least you are doing your best not to drop them in it.
  3. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    My current school does this. I thought it was really strange too when I first heard. I got a call at about 9.20 a.m. asking me to turn up the next day. On the plus side I did not have to prepare a lesson, but had a short teaching task and a written task to do, I found it very unusual but I got the job - twice! Went from a temp contract to a perm one within a half-term of starting :-D. Good luck whatever you decide.

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