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Short writing tasks for Year 6

Discussion in 'English' started by lizzybl3, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, I am new to year six and am looking for some short writing tasks to start right at the beginning of the year, in the hope that the amount of and quality of their writing will improve over the year. I am struggling to find short writing tasks, that would be helpful as SATs preparation, does anyone have a list of ones they have used, or a resource that is good for this? Thank you!
  2. Do you have Testbase? There are loads of short writing tasks on there.
  3. You don't really have to start with a specific SATs question. Why not think of a title - maybe something to do with the holidays - and get them to write it during the lesson. You could APP it or just use it to give a an idea of where they are and what you need to focus on. The creative writing section of the SATs is going ( it will be replaced with teacher assessment). However, there will be some sort of grammar test instead.

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