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Short stories for S3?

Discussion in 'English' started by s0969185, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I'm a trainee English teacher, and I have been asked to design a 6 week unit on short stories for a credit level S3 class I am teaching next placement in a few weeks time.
    Can anyone give me some ideas of texts that would be suitable for a very capable group of students? Furthermore, does anyone have any suggestions of interesting lessons beyond reading/ analysing/ comparing stories as a class before pupils create their own short story?
  2. RaymondSoltysek

    RaymondSoltysek New commenter

  3. Raymond,

    Thanks you so much for posting this link. I've just had a look, and the info you have published is a fantastic resource. Many thanks indeed.
  4. RaymondSoltysek

    RaymondSoltysek New commenter

    You're very welcome! If you decide to use it, I'd be really interested in hearing how it went and what you did.

    Best of luck.

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