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Short femur- what is this sign of n should I worry?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by brettgirl2, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I was told it was one of the soft markers for downs. However, please try not to worry because they also told me that they only take any notice of them if two or more are present because lots and lots and lots of babies (who are completely healthy) have at least one.
  2. Hi emmamc252,
    I too am in the middle of a potential scare. Basically we were referred to Kings from our local hospital for another more accurate/detailed scan because of a borderline measurement within the baby's brain. When they rescanned on the same day the measurement went down into the 'normal' range but they want us to go back in just over 8 weeks for another scan to check all is okay. Like you, this measurement can be a soft marker for Downs but we have no other markers and it sounds like you don't either. I am sure it is nothing to worry about but I wanted to reply as I know how scary it is.
    I have decided that I simply cannot wait over 8 weeks and we are going to the Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley St London for a scan in 4 weeks. I thought it would be a good half way mark and it means that it gives the baby time to show a change in measurement. It is also during the Easter holiday. The cost is about £200, although it is considered the best in the country so personally think it is worth every single penny. I would not use a 3D scan as they are not experts in the area and you probably won't feel sufficiently reassured.
    I honestly think all will be okay; it is just the waiting that hurts. They are so cautious these days and put mums and dads through lots of worry.
    Best of luck and big hugs to you
  3. nickyt

    nickyt New commenter

    Hi emmamc252 and missimpatient

    Sorry to hear of your worries. I too had a few with my first baby during pregnancy (she is now 1yr and 9 months) The space between the brain and skull was on the large side of normal and they couldn't see all parts of the heart. They also suspected that her stomach was on the small side and that I was low in fluid!

    I was sent to the fetal medicine hospital and was scanned at about 24 weeks. The results were inconclusive. They said that they could not say that there was anything wrong with the baby but were not 100% sure. I had to return in another two weeks for another scan. This time I saw a consultant who took a quick look and categorically said that he believed there was nothing to be concerned about.
    My own doctor warned that doctors are often over cautious - they will follow up on everything so that when the baby is born if it needs any specialist care then it will be available.
    Grace was born on 19th Sep and was a perfect baby. She has no problems with her brain or stomach.
    Do remember that the docs will be as cautious as they can and investigate everything and ultimtately it is for the baby's own good. It does cause a great deal of worry - I understand that.Try to be positive and not dwell on the what ifs. Whatever happens, you will deal with it and carry on because you will love your baby no matter what.
    Keep positive - hope all goes well.


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