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Short D&T GCSE courses - two qualifacations

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by aslondon, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. aslondon

    aslondon New commenter

    We are thinking of setting up a new D&T programme at our school to replace Btec Engineering. Does the idea of two short courses (so that the students get two qualifications at the end of two years) sound do-able. There is an AQA course like this - so could do graphics, electronics, RM, product etc... Does anybody else do this - would love some advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. re

    re New commenter

    The AQA D&T short course can be taught through any of the media but is just called GCSE and is worth half a GCSE's points, so that route is closed. The only route throughn like this is to do full GCSEs in one year - I know some schools do this, but it seems a tall order to me.
  3. Have alook at OCR specification. Look at PD graphics and RM. You do 2 controlled assessments and 2 exams. So we did half the course the first year which the students could have had as a short course 9 one of my year10s is leaving to go to US so will get a qualification therefore from the work she has done. I'm sure you can do 2 short courses with OCR so could do one year Graphis and one year RM etc
  4. If you want two qualifications, you could do AQA Short Course in Year 10 - some do it in Y9. Then follow with a specialised GCSe e.g Res Mats, Textiles, Electronic Products. That way they get 1.5 GCSe's but you would not be able to count the short course on the ATT I suspect.
    However it is great way to get them used to GCSE level work.
    If you want to continue with Engineering, why not do AQA's GCSE Engineering? It is both Single (2 units) and Double award (4 units).

    The work load would be similar to doing two short courses 2 projects, two exams. But they get 2 GCSEs worth of points and something employers will recognise.

  5. The Double Award is one good route to take, as long as you are comfortable with teaching Engineering. you will need a lot of infrastructure like CAD/CAM, machine tools etc.
    If you want to mix and match two other D&T GCSE's I would avoid Electronic Products as the theory element is quite high compared to the Design part and will tax a mixed ability group quite highly. I would mix two more similar GCSE's like ResMat/graphics/textiles and product Design. This way there is more chance of a carry over of knowledge that is useful.
    If you have an Electronics expert why not do Electronics and Electronic Products? A good, top science type, group would manage that. Loads of overlap.

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