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Short course recommendations for IT and Media

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by adriansmith247, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. adriansmith247

    adriansmith247 New commenter


    I am looking for recommendations for short course in IT or Media. Online short courses are best for me. I just want to know which ones are any good or well respected. Anyone had any experience with Coursera? I took a course and paid for the certificate but I am not sure it is worth anything on a CV.

  2. stevesmiths0409

    stevesmiths0409 New commenter

    short courses are useful for professional development and explore new area of interest,there are many short courses available to learn here i mentioned some of them

    short courses in media

    1.Business and management of entertainment
    2.Entertainment studies
    3.Screen writing - Film and TV comprehensive
    4.Digital branding and engagement
    5.Marketing and advertising

    short courses in IT

    1.Fundamentals of Data science (certificate program)
    2.Game theory
    3.Web design
    4.Practical machine learning
    5.Introduction to CAD - CAM
    6.Information security

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