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Short course in a year

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by cpenguin, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. cpenguin

    cpenguin New commenter

    Do you think it is possible to teach the short course in a year? We have been told to begin our short course with our year 9s now in just one lesson a week, with them sitting the exam in year 10 (and doing who knows what in year 11!). I don't think there's enough time to fit the whole course in, and surely no time to fit any revision in. We do Edexcel Religion and Life Christianity, and presently only just manage to fit the whole course in over years 10 and 11 in one lesson a week. If anyone manages the whole course in a year, how do you do it?
    Any suggestions appreciated!
  2. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    We do AQA Religion and Life Issues in Year 9 on one lesson a week. We start in the summer term of Year 8 where they do the first unit. Then they do one unit per half-term giving 5 units by Easter.
  3. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    We do units 2 and 8 in one lesson a week. Instead of 11 lessons per unit, we have reduced down to 6/7. Then we allow for 6-8 weeds of revision. So when doing Euthanasia for example, we would do the nature of Euthanasia along with the christian responses in one lesson. We are a bit luckier with year 9's now that they have started early GCSE's. It means we have more time. I do give my year 9 and 10's regular exam questions to practice at home as well just to reinforce learning. They usually have a handout of information that has been covered in lesson as well as at least one exam question. I am also considering putting together work-booklets for each unit to take home. I have already had a few students take photocopies of some extra homework to get ahead.
  4. I have done Religion & Life as short course on 1 hour a week over 2 years and then done Religion & Society as a top up on one hour a week in one year.
    Did get excellent results, HOWEVER, and it's a big however! They had the grounding over 2 years at a reasonable pace so we didn't need to focus on technique at all. They were very able pupils who wanted to do extra and were hgihly motivated.

    We had to go at a fair pace - doable but not ideal and not really my idea of fun. I have got 2 hours a week to do short course in year 10 and then same for full course in year 11. I can't believe the difference it has made jsut seeing htem the next day and having some continuity to allow us to go into things in much more depth.
  5. Maybe I've missed something but will you be able to do this once the new changes start in Sept? We've been told that all terminal exams have to be done in year 11 or does this come in later?
    I know I'm having to rejig our Full Course SOW as we currently do 1 exam in yr 10 and another in yr 11.
  6. The current year 9 will have to do only linear exams. This means that my current year 9 will continue with the course next year, but I will not enter any for the short course. Then in year 11 those who opt for it will continue with the full course will be entered for both exams.
    As to teaching in a year- I currently do short course in year 9 and 10 one hour a week and we have just finished course with some time for revision.
    IN year 11 I teach the other half in an hour a week, but over a year (or less). It is hard, you have to be ruthless with content, less time for long video clips etc. I won't have any time for revision either, but it is doable. Saying that my year 11 are mostly (bar 5 or 6) pupils who have chosen to do it, or are generally good, hard working sudents.

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