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Short Course History GCSE

Discussion in 'History' started by anon293, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Just wondering if anybody has any experiences of the short course GCSE, by any board.
    I currently work at an EBD school and am changing teaching roles as of September to my subject specialism (it's Geography although I will be Humanities/ History knowledge is also good!)
    I am looking into the posibility of taking a short course GCSE in both History and Geography. Just wondered what are the pros and cons of the short course GCSE? How long does it take/is allowed to take to complete, i.e. 1 years or 2? How many teaching hours per week should be allowed for the short course?
    Many thanks for any help.[​IMG]
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    I had a look at the humanities GCSE in more detail, looks good but now have a lot to consider! Might have to stick with qualifications where something can be achieved in the space of a year incase pupils leave/are moved after the first year.

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