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Short break honeymoon in UK with a 6month old-Ideas please!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by laura lou, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. We did this when LO was 16 weeks. We had a self catering apartment in Edinburgh for 5 nights and a posh hotel in the lakes for 3. The apartment was easier due to facilities for LO, room for play mat, fridge for expressed milk etc. Changing half way was nice and stopped us going stir crazy or being cooped up. It was a lovely time I'll always treasure. X
  2. We had a hol similar to kittenmittens on the south coast of wales- pretty much exactly as she describes and it was fabulous, really special, quality time. If you're like us you won't have had more than maybe one or two full days just the three of you with no work, housework, visitors etc? It was amazing to have the whole week to ourselves! I think family time is important but having had a night out with oh last night couple time its just as important so I also like the idea of one night away just the two of you! It brings us closer each time we have a date night- vital to keep a healthy and happy relationship! Congratulations by the way :)
  3. I'm getting married next week and we're off to Centreparcs for the week after the wedding. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but if it's out of term time it's quieter and there is so much to do. The bikes can have trailers on the back which are suitable for babies from 6 months and the swimming bit has some lovely baby areas.
    Our LO is 14 months and we have some nice kiddy activities booked but they also have an ofsted registered babysitting service for £6 an hour so you can go and have a spa or go for a meal in the evening. There's also a creche which takes babies/toddlers for 2 hour sessions if you want to do something else. I took LO last December when he was 4 months old and it was lovely, they had lots of Christmas lights up and Santa's grotto type things (I don't work for them, honest!)
    Next year we are going to leave LO with his grandparents and go to Italy for a short break, dreading leaving him!!!!
    Best of luck for your wedding x
  4. So it looks we're going to centreparcs in Longleat, LO is coming but next year we will have a proper honeymoon with just the two of us. I would have like to have had a night or two away with just the two of us but OH was nt keen on leaving our LO! Does that make me a bad mummy for wanting a night off? We are having the wedding night to ourselves as her grandparents are having her in their room.
    Oh and OH wont leave LO with anyone thats not family so as lovely as the baby sitting or creche would be I can guarantee he will say no, he has already said no to getting a sitter/reg nanny/doula to sit with LO on night of wedding so we can all enjoy ourselves. Caused a bit of an argument [​IMG]
    Thanks everyone xx

  5. ILTW, I can really sympathise as my OH is exactly the same. He feels it's our responsibility to look after LO (obvs he's right!) but feels guilty if she's with anyone else. Nursery is going well so he reluctantly agreed that she should still go in for a morning while we were on half term, altho we spent the time doing boring things like going to the dentist! We've only just had our first baby free day out (well, 4 hours) and LO is 13 months. He really wanted to see the new Tintin film so we arranged to drop LO with my parents while we watched it on Saturday morning. I then had to twist his arm to get him to go out for lunch afterwards, and he wouldn't even have a pudding! Crazy as her grandparents love spending time with her and she was having a lovely day without us. Hopefully now he's done it once and everyone has had a good time, he'll be happier leaving her again.
  6. these posts make me want to get away! I'm sure you will haev alovely time, ILTW!
  7. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    We took lo to Longleat centre parcs when he was 8 months and a year. The second time we went we were on our own so we put lo in to the crèche for one slot and he loved it. They were great, lots of staff, security procedures in place (a password system). As someone has said they are orders registered so get oh to read the report. It was nice just to have time to ourselves as we don't have family nearby. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck with the wedding!
  8. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    My sister is getting married in the summer and their baby daughter will be 10 months old. My sister is hiring a childcare professional for the day, so that friends and family don't feel obliged to be looking after her the whole day. It also means that the baby isn't passed around like a sack of spuds all day! Otherwise no-one can properly relax and dare I say it, enjoy a drink or two. The baby and nanny will be around the whole day but it means that when little Katie gets tired, she can be taken to the room for a nap. I should add that the nanny will be someone known to the family.
    So at least this way everyone gets to relax and enjoy the day.
    Hope you have a lovely honeymoon but please don't think it's not normal to have a break from baby now and again. It's 100% normal! Also important is to spend quality time together as a couple. Your o/h is being a wee bit selfish, imho.

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