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Shopping for school

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by evebatten, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there whose shopping is frequently dictated by 'learning opportunities/games potential' etc in the packaging. I am currently consuming close to my own bodyweight in those yogurts with the nice round almost miniature goldfish bowl containers so that i can make a game with numbers/letters in the bottom (tape them together in a triangular shape) and use with ping pong balls, or use for smaller paint/glue pots, or little collecting pots, sunk in the ground for golf holes and more ideas, I hope, to come. Then there's the instant porridge pots that come with a lid. No more washing up paintpots for me!!! - well i do wash some because they're useful - attach screwed up paper balls (reinforced with masking tape) on some string to create a cup and ball game. use for a pop up puppet. Retain the cardboard sleeve to use as a template for naming/decorating items. My colleague's hearts sink when another box arrives, but cut them up into large label size along the folds is good. hole punch in corners, add string and they are great signs to hang around everywhere, They disappear faster than i can make them. (I think that one came from type pad) . And what about those little plastic stock pots. put them on a builders tray/in the water with some plasticine, masking tape, cocktail sticks, paper for sails - can children make a boat or ...whatever? How many bits of gravel will sink them? Lovely tiny paint pots for using with cotton buds. If Im honest I don't like the stock as much as other types. sad or what! Anyone else out there?
  2. Please do STOP! There are many many plastic recyclables out there, but get your parents to donate them. I can make a million lovely games etc from all these 'found objects' too, but I have learnt over the years that good teachng can never be over ridden by wonderful ideas using scrap. That's not to say that wonderful ideas don't equate to fabulous teaching .... but do get a grip and stop being so clever!!!!!! Or donate your ideas to the resources section/photo area.
  3. insead of saving all your pots, just buy food bags, insert them into your standard paint pots and never wash up paints again, just tie up the handles of the food bag to keep the paint for the week or just take out the food bag and throw away!!!
  4. I LOVE this idea!!
    Any more? Keep them coming!
  5. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    I love the food bag idea!
    pringle containers make excellent musical shakers,cover in nice paper and glue lid on ,they make 2 different sounds because one end is plastic and one is metal....put in ,rice or pebbles or pennies etc
    I ask the parents to send in their recyclable junk for a making table every friday...I whip out any thing I need to collect if we are all making something eg egg boxes .

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