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Shopping for food

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by phie, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Much to my indignantion, I had to shop at my local large supermarket. Which has got me wondering how do other people shop and why?
    I shop weekly at the markets late in the day on a Sunday when the sell huge bags of veg for $2 and meat for 1/2 price or close to. There are gorgous delis and bakeries as well. I love the atmosphere of the markets and the social aspect of it. About once a month I go to a supermarket to buy toliet paper, cleaning supplies etc.
  2. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    Sainsburys and Waitrose. There aren't alternatives round here and we don't have the time to travel further afield. Our local market is dire and both times I've shopped there I've been ripped off with rotten veg.
  3. Sainsburys, local greengrocer and farmers' market once a month. There is a weekly market here but I'm at work and miss it.
    Son1 trawls markets and buys stuff just as they are packing up - talk about bargains. He got a carrier bagful of carrots, parsnips and a cabbage for £1 the other day!
  4. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I have a driver take me to Lidls or Morrisons once a fortnight or so.
    If I can manage it I like to go to the local market once a week....And maybe visit the butcher.
    There is a small 7-11 opposite where I live for emnergency pints of milk and a decent bakers too.

    In town there is a small and totally uselss Tesco - curremntly offers easter eggs and half-price choccie santas but rarely has milk.
  5. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    I buy household stuff at the cash and carry in bulk quantities and share with my mother. I buy most groceries at Tesco, and have it delivered weekly as it's cheaper than the petrol when you live out in the sticks. I buy spices, rice and such like at the Indian and Chinese shops in the Big Smoke, in large quantities so not very often.
    Fish from the fish van when the boat's in (Wednesdays) and meat and cheeses (I know that's odd) from the butcher's in the village. His brother in law supplies most of the meat and it's great quality. They smoke their own hams and bacons etc. Plus, they know me so they'll give me chicken carcasses/ soup bones for free.
    I get my eggs from my pal, who farms in the area. We gather eggs on a Sunday on alternate weeks, a couple of dozen at a time. In the winter we sometimes supplement with Happy Eggs form the supermarket, but they're just not the same!
    I've given up shopping at the farmers' market- for one thing, it only comes once a month, and it's very expensive and the meat is no better than I can get in the village. Most of the stalls seems to be given over to soap makers, jewellery and such like. There is a samosa stall but their samosas aren't a patch on mine (she says modestly!)
  6. I always would shop in Tesco but lately have been getting annoyed at the quality of fruit and veg. I've started buying some meat from the butcher's (apostrophe because it's "butcher's shop"? or is it jusy "butcher"? hmm...). The meat i more expensive but much better quality. My aim is to start planning meals more and the go there once a week. We don't really have a good greengrocers here which annoys me. My dad has 3 hens so he gives me eggs hen I visit.
  7. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'd love to say that we bought all of our food from independent shops and markets, but it would be quite a big fib. The shops we have for such things are quite spread out and as such this would be quite a task. Having seemingly less and less time to spare as years go by, there isn't time for this. We tend to:
    Order meat in bulk from our butcher, who has an online ordering system. We buy loads, portion it up and freeze it. This lasts us ages, as we tend to eat mainly veggie meals Mon-Thu.
    Fruit and veg from the fabulous farm shop, just up the road from us. We tend to buy for the coming week, every Sunday, but normally run out of fruit by Thursday meaning re-stocking from the local Co-Op.
    Fish we get from a small fishmonger that's set up in a shed on a boatyard not far from us. He gets fresh fish in daily from dayboats, so it's always been caught within hours of going on sale. Part of the excitement is not knowing exactly what he'll have on sale until you get there! We go most Saturdays to get something in for Saturday's tea. Fish is the one thing I'd really rather not buy from a supermarket, unless they have a proper fish counter.
    Asian and Far Eastern goods from some excellent ethnic foodstores near where I work.
    Monthly trips to a nearby farmers' market for nice meat, cheeses, treats, whatever.
    Everything else comes from a combination of Waitrose/Tesco/Lidl/Co-Op, depending which we might be passing. Try to got there early Saturday morning before the crowds turn up. Mainly get things like pasta/rice/canned goods/cereals and cleaning things. Occasionally stock up on reduced meat to put straight into the freezer, if it's there.
  8. Market/farmers shop, plus my local bakery and local butcher.
    Use Lidl/Aldi/Netto for household stuff and for popping into after work for milk, bottled water, etc.

  9. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    Mainly buy spices from an "ethnic supermarket"
    Meat is nearly always from butcher's, fish from fishmongers
    Veg comes from greengrocer
    Bread from bakery next to where OH works
    Rest comes from mainly Tesco as there is one next to the train station where I commute to work from.
    Having said that, we're moving away from the area, so I need to seek out some new shops closer to our new home!
  10. Abel and Cole delivery once a fortnight for veg and fruit box, yoghurt, pate, meat and fish.

    Stock up on gluten free bread, cleaning stuff, loo rolls and so on once a month. Top up fruit, milk and yoghurt from Sainsbury's local whenever we're passing, but it is six miles away. The only time living in the sticks annoys me is if we run out of milk!
  11. Meat from market or supermarket using those 3 for £10 or £5 deals. Or a butchers pack.
    Veg from the market. Having said that we may start using a local greengrocer, where we managed to get a huge box of mushrooms for £1.
    Bread from supermarket.
    Boyfriend brings home leftovers twice a week from his mum's house.Mostly Chinese based food.
    We tend to go to the supermarket around 9.30 at night and pick up reduced bargains such as roast chicken, trout, veg, donnuts. Last night we got 3 pasta sauces, the type in the plastic tub for 25p each.
    Every couple of weeks we will use an evening to visit all the supermarkets to see if there are any good deals.

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