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Shocked by moderator drop in A Level art marks. Any advice please?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by artduck, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hello
    We have had the same AQA moderator for the last 7/8 years. I appreciate the spec has changed in the last couple of years but not one mark was changed last year or the year before when the new spec came in. We are very conscientious about the way we teach in the department, constantly analyse what we need to improve year on year, ensuring the answer all AO's equally and thoroughly. As a result, the standard of the art in our school has increased year on year. However, this year the same moderator brought another moderator with her. There was no indication when they left there was a problem but today ALL of our 57 A'level students have been marked down. The higher end have receive 7-9 marks lower but the range in dropped marks goes all the way down to 4. The same A2 students were marked last year at AS and moderated by our usual moderator and they have undoubtedly improved the standard, skill level and conceptual understanding of their work yet they have received much lower marks. Having read the moderator report today (which reads very differently from the normal moderator report who also normally handwrites it yet this is typed) the dramatic decrease is hardly explained. We need to stick more stringently to the standards it says (we thought we did, it was not a problem last year) and pupils should not rely on secondary source material for their observation it says. We ensure students take very strong, artistic photographs of the objects/subjects they are studying - we deliver a photography presentation and teach them how to do this effectively. However, we also always ensure they include observational drawing from life. The drawings from their photographs and life lead to 4-6 strong drawings in various forms and media and then they always manipulate their photographs (to change/add to etc) on Adobe photoghop as part of their development. I do not understand where we have gone wrong. Anyway, suffice to say I feel very upset for our candidates who cannot understand how they have lower marks than last year when their work is significantly more sophisticated.
    I want to start the remoderation process but wonder if it is really worth the effort AND I am wondering about changing to Edexcel. Any advice will be much appreciated.

  2. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Moderators are human and humans make mistakes. Your usual moderator was being monitored by a team leader, they are supposed to watch the process but not to interfere with the marking. However, as an ex moderator, this does create tension and may have led to a different approach. You should and must appeal, everything you say makes sense in validating an appeal. I have not got the faith in moderators that I should have, I do not think AQA are rigorous enough in establishing criteria for the job. Your school will support you surely?
  3. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Oh yes, and look at the assessment objectives when considering the definition of second hand source material. I am 100% behind you on the use of photography. This seems very unfair.
  4. Hi
    We had been using AQA for a number of years for alevel photography. Last year we were marked down by 6 marks for each unit and we went for a remark yet they stuck to what they said.
    We decided to change to ocr and this seems to be okay however they may have marked down in art.
    We felt that the remoderation with aqa was really not worth the effort i would persnally change to edexcel

  5. We were marked down last year, we went for remoderation, and it paid off for us, we had our original marks re-instated. It may well be worth it, it sounds like it wouldn't do any harm. You could make notes on the CRF's about the sources they used maybe? mention that the photos are their own, the drawings are from still lives?
  6. Hi, one pupil in my school has had some very bad marks for Art final piece-Ctrl Asgmnt and i think it has been marked wrong.Parent is a friend and approached me as another child has got A mark for doing mainly computer work.This is not my area but have seen work in question and his final piece 5 pieces of pencil art-i think portraits showing sunlight.Should this not have got better mark than computer print out work and what should i suggest.Cannot seem to be involved as work in school.

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