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Shipping from UK to Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by truth_seeker12, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Can anyone recommend shipping companies for large boxes and not furniture from the UK to Qatar at reasonable prices?

    I have tried many companies and most do not ship to Qatar. Preferably Air Shipment. Thank you
  2. Goonerd

    Goonerd New commenter


    I shipped with this company two weeks ago. Found their price by far the best - another company quoted me 2 and a half thousand more and emailed me this week to say they still couldn't ship! I packed everything myself in my boxes and had them picked up, not sure if this is the service you want?
  3. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    Due to the ongoing blockage in Qatar, you'll find that this is an increasingly difficult problem to overcome. When you ship to Qatar, the ship goes to a port in Dubai first, where your freight is then loaded on to smaller ships to continue its journey to Qatar. As UAE is one of the countries which has sanctions against Qatar, it's these ships from Dubai to Qatar which aren't allowed to make their journeys.

    How you enquired about air freight?
  4. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Iv got quotes of around £1800 for 140Kilos for air freight which I find very expensive. Boxes are all packed and just need to be picked up so just the shipping required.

    I will try the link above and see what I get.
  5. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    W_T F? What are you shipping? Dumbbells? Take a suitcase and go (although I can understand you wanting to take steel helmets, kevlar anti-flak jackets, concrete for a bunker against missiles, chains for the local slave employees, whip, Neymar football shirt etc).
  6. sazad99

    sazad99 New commenter

    I assume you have many books to take? Just a guess but books could easily amount to that weight in a number of boxes
  7. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Exactly, A lot of kids stuff too. The luggage amount we get is 90kilos and that´s filled already but we have household items that need to go with us. Iv got a cheaper quote of 900 GBP so getting closer.
  8. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    How much shipping allowance is your school providing you with?
  9. Matt994

    Matt994 New commenter

    Would you mind sharing the name/website of this place?
  10. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Not much. Around £550. I dont mind paying additionally myself but had to move everything from the last country to the UK 2 months ago which cost me.
  11. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    The name is Transglobal express and there is also UPS but they require paying additional for customs

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