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shipping from the UK to UAE

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by princessbubbleygum, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Im leaving for Abu Dhabi on the 1st Septmber. Who out there has had experience with doing this and with what companies? I have some companies to think about but want to get a vast majority! thanks guys.
  2. Im leaving for Abu Dhabi on the 1st Septmber. Who out there has had experience with doing this and with what companies? I have some companies to think about but want to get a vast majority! thanks guys.
  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I have moved quite a lot of bits and pieces from Egypt to the UK by ship and then from Dubai to Qatar by airfreight. My advice would be to think very carefully about what you want to take with you and why. Presumably the school you will be working for are going to provide you with an apartment, so have you e-mailed the school and asked what will actually be in the apartment? Why bother bringing the kitchen sink with you, if there is already one waiting for you in the apartment? Airfreight is pretty expensive, I can tell you, and there is also the little matter of collecting it from the freight depot at the other end. That's no fun when it's forty degrees and you don't have your own car. Therefore I would think long and hard about what you really need to take with you: your laptop, some clothes, maybe a few of your favourite teaching resources, lots of money (always useful) and that's about it, surely? You should be able to squeeze most (if not all) of that into a suitcase or two. If you are planning to come back to the UK for Christmas, and most newbies do, then you can pick up some more of your stuff then. It is worth bearing in mind that if you bring lots of bits and pieces with you to Abu Dhabi, then you will have the trouble and expense of taking it all back again when you leave.
    Allied Pickfords are very reliable and they will deliver it to your door, so that you do not have to bother collecting from the freight depot in Abu Dhabi. Allied Pickfords are also very expensive.
    Some schools do pay a "settling in allowance" and / or a freight allowance. In my experience, the amounts offered by the school do not come close to covering the cost of sending a significant quantity of airfreight (let's say two big suitcases, that together would weigh maybe 50 kilos).
  4. i used freight world when i sent my stuff from the uk to uae last august. they were very good pricewise and advice wise. i think they are based in sheffield.
    i sent two boxes (about 50kg) full of clothes, shoes, book, teaching things (bits and pieces for display etc) and stuff for my flat. it took about a week and went by air. my school gave me an allowance for sending personal belongings and this more than covered the cost.
    make sure you get door to door whether you send by sea or air - if you don't, you can spend ages at warehouses near the port/airport. name someone from your school who can sign for it and keep your airway bill etc.
    good luck! hope you love abu dhabi
  5. What is the situation bringing DVDs into UAE? I have the usual selection of UK and US movies, which might have a bit of violence and the usual 15/18 stuff in movies. Will they stop DVDs with violence, bad language and/or references to the Holocaust? It would be nice to have movies to watch when we are over there...
  6. they really shouldn't be problem at all.
    as you would expect, **** would be confiscated, but the usual uk/usa movies are fine. you can buy all those films here anyway (in normal shops - not down dodgy back alleys!) or see them at the cinema (with the sexier scenes cut sometimes) but i wouldn't worry at all.

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