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SHINE - anyone got any experience of this project?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by hypermetropic, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I am in an independent school which is considering getting involved with SHINE. Volunteers are being
    recruited from the staff. However, before signing up, I have questions
    that no-one in school seems to be able to answer:
    * how much time does / could it take up?
    * when is the time required (all year, term time only, saturdays, every saturday, evenings....)?
    * is there a minimum critical number of staff needed for success?
    * what sort of activites work well & are they always in school?
    * what are the skills / attributes / strengths needed for the project to be a success (in a member of staff or a school)

    * any other information gladly receievd!
    I have looked on
    the SHINE website which is colourful, inspiring but completely
    uninformative on any of these points. So please contact me if you have
    any information. Thanks
    I will be posting this elsewhere -so apologies if you see it again.

  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Shine day (as we have) is a day full of activities that are non-school (but are loosely related to future careers/intrests for y10)
    Basically, it depends how your school choses to run it. In a friend's school, they use the sixth formers to help out with delivery e.t.c. and this eases the workload. In our case pretty much all staff see it as an extra pain in the ass to plan and prepare for, and for about 2 weeks before, a few of the "organisers" just seem to run around flapping and paniking about things.
    For SOME kids, its a very worthwhile thing and they get a lot out of it, for others its a containment activity and a waste of a day. Many of the Y9 and 10s simply say "whats the point?"
    In terms of time and staff, I think it depends on the size of the school. We have 1200+ so organisation is a logistical nightmare. especially when getting guests in to do workshops.
    If I were you, I'd steer clear. Its probably going to look superb on one or two peoples CVs (possibly yours) but for everyone else it'll be a drain on time and resources and resentment may well ensue.
    Hope this doesn't sound too negative, its just my opinion. Im sure plenty of other people have had much more positive experiences of it.

    Good Luck.

  3. Thanks for the response...... unfortunately, you have triggered more questions!
    ... so I take it that your pupils get the workshops & activites?
    Who gives them & why are they such 'a waste of a day' ?
    Can't you let the Y9 & Y10 who don't want to participate 'off' for the day or is it compulsory? - do they miss curriculum time while they are doing the SHINE stuff?
    What makes the activities worthwhile for some kids & not for others?
    what do the 'organiser's do?

  4. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    The pupils usually have 2 workshops in the day and as much as possible they are matched up with activities that might interest them. (there is an element of choice but this rarely comes to fruition)
    The workshops are delivered by teachers, support staff, guest speakers, the army, a soccer school, the local mobile skate park turns up e.t.c.
    If ....
    • A student is put in the correct group which they've chosen
    • The chosen activity is what they expect
    • The workshop is well organised
    • The member of staff (in the case of teachers) is interested
    • The group is an appropriate size for the activity
    Then the day is successful. Sadly, all these factors being in place are the exception rather than the norm.
    The "waste of a day" comments are from the older students (y9 and 10) who would much rather be in regular lessons or catching up on revision and CA. The day is compulsary as simply giving them the day off, I believe is illegal.
    Activities that are worthwhile include soccer schools for the footballers, drama workshops for kids that are that way inclined, army assault courses e.t.c. for those considering the military... pretty much anything that may give them experience above a regular curriculum.
    Most students aren't that lucky and are put in a classroom with a teacher doing an activity thats way outside of their comfort zone. One group for example simply drew maths based patterns.
    The organisers are a group of collegues who, well, organise the day. they arrange the groups, the speakers, the workshops and everything else done on the day. (Helps with the old CV)
  5. Many thanks for the info - it seems a shame that some of the SHINE budget could be better targetted!

  6. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Shine budget?
    Are we talking about the same thing here????
    Have you got a link to the website you mention in the OP?
  7. http://www.shinetrust.org.uk/site/
    If it it the same thing. As far as I'm aware, schools or organisations (the football academy or the military fellas in your instance) bid for a contract to supply SHINE activites to another school's pupils.
    Staff in the supplying organisation get paid (hourly?) for their time.
    SHINE is a charity & gets funding from the lottery or the govt (I may be mistaken) which goes to pay for this.
    I have assumed that the receieving organistion does not pay?

  8. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    I've been labouring under the impression that "shine" was simply another random initiative brought into the school. (As it appears it has been in our case)
    I believe that our "shine day" has nothing to do with the trust and is simply a catchy name for a day of off doing timetable stuff. The trust looks like a really good thing and i'd be disappointed and a little bit ashamed if our school was receiving any money from them for our provision.
    My ignorance has certainly made me look a tit.

    Perhaps it's time schools stopped using acronyms and catchy names for things, then people like me wouldn't spend half the night wingeing about something that isn't the thing they thought they were whinging about.
    Sincere apologies for wasting your (and anyone elses) time with my ramblings.
    I'm off to sleep now and hopefully when i wake up this will have been a bad dream [​IMG]
  9. I am also bed bound - if your school is involved in the same SHINE stuff as the site I posted, then they should really be better at communicating their goals! You must be one of many with incomplete information.
    I don't think time has been wasted - I feel we were just getting to know one another - and besides, did you notice, we were the only ones on the site on a Friday evening in November!


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