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Sheffield primary supply. Are you getting enough work or is it just little old me

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by steviepal, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    I am wondering how people in Sheffield are getting on with supply work this year. Specifically primary teachers. So far I've managed to pick up barely twenty percent of what I've had in previous years.
  2. Om100

    Om100 New commenter

    Hi Steviepal
    I am not in Sheffield but I and many others are in exactly the same boat.
    I was beginning to think it as justme as well, but it is absolutely nothing to take personally. This year has been appallingly bad for supply for many.
    I have decided to no longer do it after this year as it has been 10 per cent of previous years for me as well.
    I am afraid I do not think there is much of a future on supply, certainly not day to day anymore. Good luck. It feels from reading these boards that people are getting loads of work, yet in reality I think some a just lucky. For most the situation has not been great
  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    It is very sad to see that people are finding it hard to find enough work and it appears that it is partly down to where you are in the country.

    I am finding I have plenty of work, but to actually do the work in secondary schools is getting harder and harder since the behaviour of the classes is getting more difficult to manage.
    I don't know how much longer I am going to be able to do it.
  4. supply287

    supply287 New commenter

    I agree with steviepal. Sheffield work this year is by far the worst year I have experienced and 20 to 30% is about right . More of my work has been further afield. Sheffield seems to have reached a tipping point regarding supply. Some have said that because they spent so much last year , supply teachers are only used as a very last resort this year. The education budget has remained the same, I think, but expenses like fuel and pension contributions continue to rise. It is ****.
  5. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    That's what I though folks.
    Anyone want to give me a job ☺
  6. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    Got an interview tomorrow.
    Bricking it as I've been on supply for over a decade but at least the school know me a bit.
    Wouldn't have dreamed of going for it if work wasn't so scarce.
    Wish me luck though I'm not sure if getting the job or not getting it would be luckier ha ha.
  7. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    Woo woo. Permanent 3 days per week ppa teaching job. Thank Jesus, Buddha, Zeus and Ra for that. Good luck everyone.
  8. santalya

    santalya New commenter

    I'm in Liverpool, primary, I work 2 days a week for my regular school this year, I fill the other 3 days with agency jobs, I have had 1 days work in a month, never known it like this I usually work full time, agency said there's no work

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