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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by gems07, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Im hoping im not going to sound a little bit stupid here but I have another question,

    thoughout my training and placements I have been told different things about writing learning objectives. being in a receptio class in my first year I was told they werent specific enough and that I need to make them more focused. When moving into my second year, I did this and my tutor told me that it was too detailed and I needed to just lift it from the EYFS putting 'i can' before it. She also said I cant make them up, they have to be direct from the curriculum, word for word. Taking this on bored and moving into my last year (year 2), I was then told that actually u can make them up and they can be more detailed. Obviously, as a result I am now totally confused!!!!

    Just wanted to know..

    1) early years, can you make them up? or do they have to be lifted from the eyfs?
    2) do they have to be detailed and specific?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!! X
  2. Sorry when I say they I mean my learning objectives! x
  3. A learning objective should refer (if people are using the english language correctly) to what it is hoped will be learnt eg "that 2+2=4". Whether it comes from a curriculum or a framework or whatever has nothing to do with whether or not it is a learning objective.
    If you know the curriculum and you know your pupils you will also know what they need to learn next whether you are using wording lifted from a government document or your own words, and if asked, criticised or challenged about it you will have the justification.
    Sometimes the objective lifted from the curriculum are not specific enough because your pupils need to tackle that objective in small steps.
    The 'right' way is not the way dictated from above, it is the way dictated by your knowledge, understanding and professional reflective approach - have faith.

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