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Shedffield Hallam PGCE Biology

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by noreen79, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi i need help from very kind people out there. I have a interview lined upfor PGCE Biology in a couple of weeks and wanted some advice and tips.

    Can someone pls head me to the right direction in to what i should read upon and what sort of questions are likely to come up and how long the interview tend to last.
    Do you think I should prepare any presentations ????? specifically on my subject
    I would appreciate all the advise and help that will be posted and what i shall expect on the day.
    I am very NERVOUS and ofcourse excited so anyone pleeeeeese help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    shall wait fo all your lovely replies
  2. Hi,
    I had an interview at Hallam last month for this course.
    It started with a 15 min presentaion about the course, and then we had to do a writen test that had 3 short answer question ( one bio, one chem and one physics) then a longer piece of prose and a ICT audit. The question were from a KS3 test so they were not difficult at all.
    Then we had a group disscussion, ours was about how you would set a year group into different classes.Make sure you put you views across in this and speak as much as you can without taking over the conversation and saying too much,
    Then we had a one to one interview where we had to give a presentation on a topic in science that was aimed at a sixth former who wasn't doing any science courses. For the presentation we were allowed to use probs but not any ICT (so you can't use a powerpoint). They then asked us why we thought our presentation was relevent for the target audience.
    Finally they asked us questions like why we wanted to be a teacher? what makes a good teacher? What qualities do you think you have and what you need to improve on? do you have any expirence? What makes a good lesson? They also asked us about what we wrote in the longer piece of writing so make sure you have reasons for everything you write.
    The whole interview lasted about 3 hours but it depends on what order you are in for the one to one interview so it might be a bit less.
    Your should geet an email and a letter saying about the interview and what it involves (like what you need to do for the presentation). I would make sure that you have learnt the presentation off by heart and that you are comfortable delivering in. Also make sure you have some knowledge about issues insecondary education and the sicence curriculum.
    Don't worry too much about the interview, it's really relaxed comfortable atmosphere and everyone is really friendly.
    Good Luck! and if you have any more questions just ask
  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing your interview experience with me most appreciated. My interview is on the 26th of this month and looking forward to it but on the other end just a bit nervous. You mentioned the long piece of writing that you did was that a question relating to science or just general piece on teaching?
    Also what did you do your peice of 5min presentaion on? I am thinking on doing mine on the parts of the cell or the anatomy of the brain as i have a model of a brain which i could take along. How did you carry out the presentation do you thing its wise to to a poster presentation? as you have mentioned no powerpoint would be allowed. Any tips on delivering the presentaion would be appreciated.
    Once again thank you shall wait for your reply.[​IMG]
  4. The long piece of writing was about how good we thought our science education was and what made it good.

    With the presention you are sat opposite the interviwer and give the presentation, they want to see how you would teach the topic so it would be best to deliver it in that style and not a poster presentation. I did my presentaion on homeostatic feedback (so positive and negative feedback) I used two graphs as props that helped to explain them and used examples of them. When you are giving it make sure that you speak clearly and give eye contact to the interviewer. When you practise it if you do it in front of a friend who didn't do A-level biology then you can gauge the level you need to aim it at and whether they understand it. I was going to do a presentaion on Altruism but when I practised it to my friend, I couldn't explain it clear enough for her to understand it so scraped the idea.
  5. Hi,

    Thank you for the help.
    Do you think i would be able to write some info on the white board and draw some diagrams and explain my way around my subject.??? did u use handouts etc.
  6. Hi,
    I don't think there was a whiteboard in the room we were in for the interview so I would rely on there being one and I didn't use handouts as you are only doing the presentation to the interviewer and not any one so I didn't see much need for them. What you could do is draw the diagrams on A4 paper and when you need them hold them up and use the to explain thats what I did on mine

  7. Hi,

    Thank you for the help, Do you think they will change the long piece question?

    Are there any suggessions as to what i should read around.
    Thanks in advance
  8. I don't know whether they will change the questions in the written test as I haven't spoken to anyone whohad an interview on a different day to me to see if they had different questions.

    With topics to read around you could look at the national curriculum review to see if it has any impact on science (I can't remeber whether it did or didn't). Also look at articles on BBC news, TES and goolge search issues in secondary science. Just before my exam there was an article on the BBC about the poor quality/lack of practicles and field work in Science.
  9. Hi
    Thanks for all your advise and support.
    I am planning of doing my presentation on the skletal system and thinking of taking my buddy skeleton along with me as the prop do you think taking this as my prop would be a good idea?

  10. Hi,
    If your willing to take it down with you I think it would be a good prop to use.

  11. Hi,
    Just wanted some quick advise and guideness on the long written piece on the thoughts of science education and how good it is.
    These are the points that i have mentioned and wanted to know am i on the right track
    * How important science education is for the todays generation
    * Why does education in science matter
    * Who is science for
    * The science curriculum
    * The lack of practical and field trips taken from the guardian
    I will be putting my views on the top points mentioned. Your help will be much appreciated
  12. Hi,

    The long piece of writing asked us to talk about our personal expirences of science education and why we thought it was good or bad rather then about how good science education is in general. So you could say something like:
    " Throughout my science education I have had the chance to enhance my practical and fieldwork skills. I think that it is important that students get the chance to practise these skills because..."
    In this question they are assessing your use of English more then anything else. You could put all of the points in but make sure they relate back to your expirences. Also they only gave us about 30 minutes to do the short questions and the long question so unless you are quick at writing I doubt it would be possible to get all of these points in. I only got about three points in: Use of Practicals, enthusaism and knowledge of teachers and I can't remember the last point I made.
    Also when you write the long piece make sure you make points that you can expand on more as they used this as the basis for our one-one interview.


  13. Hi,
    Thank you, this has really helped me I have completed my presentation and now know what to write about on the long piece if they dont change the question.
    You mentioned about the KS3 short question science test. Is it 3 short questions for each subject ie 3 questions for bio 3 questions for chem and 3 for the physics or was it 3 in total for three subjects
  14. It was just one bio, one chem and one physics.
  15. [​IMG]Thank you that helps you have been a star

  16. Thank you really need it
  17. How do you think it went today?

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