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Sharing Targets with children in Primary Schools

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by joriley, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi, my school is in the process of updating its assessment and marking polilcies and one of the areas we are keen to get right, is sharing the targets with the children. We have tried a range of things and none have really been successful; using I Can statement, a type of ladder, individual targets for reading, writing, numeracy etc. Frequently, the target becomes a paper exercise. We are keen to have something that actually works, moves the children on and that the children are engaged with. Are there any schools here that have actually cracked it as we do not want to reinvent the wheel!

  2. We use bookmarks based on APP statements, simple, but ticks alot of boxes (informing parents, setting targets, self assessment, engaging, tracking progress etc). Not free, but a real bargain from primarytools.co.uk (go to app support)...think its about £20 for a set
  3. Thanks for that. Do you find that the children engage with them. We've tried all sorts and they seem to become more of a piece of decoration.
  4. Good question. The more able generally engage more no matter what year group, but just like good marking, they need to be regularly maintained, but it only takes a tick in a box.

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