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shared write in nursery...new ideas needed!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by elvislovesfrank, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their practise with shared writes in Nursery? I already do a lot of modelling on the carpet, make the children little books to write in, bring in dads (for the boys) and other members of the community to show different purposes of writing. I am just looking for some 'exceptional ideas'...come on EYFS staff...time to shine! :) Elvis x
  2. anyone?? help??
  3. I feel very unsure about what you mean by 'shared write' in nursery. Of course it's good if the children see adults writing for lots of different purposes, and joining in with role play type writing. I 'share' writing one-to-one I suppose, by scribing children's comments, and writing their names and talking about what I am doing. What do you mean by 'shared writing' and what do you model on the carpet? I might model writing some labels or messages, and write words when children get to that stage in phonics.
  4. It's hard isn't it? I would call the writing I do with the kids one to one and small group 'Guided Writing' and the writing I do at carpet time 'shared'';probably incorrectly. Carpet time writing is essentially modelling until the kids get going with phonics.
    At carpet time I do try to write a lot...day of the week every morning; how many kids are in etc
    We seem to do a lot of lists; questions (what do we want to find out type thing);new 'exciting' words that we want to remember (lots of weather words up to now....blustery, frazzling etc); important messages (often about remembering snacks!).
    I see all this as an opportunity for children to begin to understand that words that come out of your mouth can be recorded and returned to so when phonics and reading and writing start to kick in they have some idea of where they're going with it all.
  5. To be honest, the last thing I would do 'on the carpet' just at the moment would be writing. We do singing rhymes, sometimes simple number rhymes, a little bit of talk, and passing round snack. They are learning to sit in a group and respond. Writing is in the future as far as carpet time is concerned. Any writing and mark making happens during play.
  6. I do agree with Thumbie. Most of the carpet time writing I do is 'incidental' for now.

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