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Shared science labs with 2 different groups.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by fingersjonny, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. We have a new building and the science labs are designed for two groups of thirty kids. On side is a wet lab and the other side a theory area. We normally have two groups with a good ability range and the two teachers team teach the lessons. Unfortunately due to timetable vagueness I share four lessons a week where we have two classes taking different courses and specifications. This is when the proverbial hits the fan because the groups are often lower ability and disaffected. There are no alternative teaching spaces and I am pulling my hair out trying to manage difficult groups with a separate group and teacher within five meters of me. Before you ask no walls no dividers nothing.
    Anybody had any experience of a similar situation? HOW did you deal with it? Sympathy would also be appreciated.
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    How on earth did the architect envisage this working? Did s/he actually visit any schools?
    Why waste science space with non-practical areas?
    How did the school / LEA / budget provider let such a ridiculous idea happen? It would be stupid for any subject.
    Sufficient sympathy?
    PS beware of team teaching 2 groups - sooner or later someone will have the bright idea of one teacher and a TA covering both groups, then just a teacher on their own, then a cover supervisor on their own.
  3. staxis

    staxis New commenter

    I have no practical advice. This should not have been allowed to happen. Just force the guy who passed the design to teach in there all the time.
  4. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    sympathies - we have the same thing. terrible! even team teaching the same thing isn't good as the number of students means that some get lost. anyone thinking that this is a good idea is a complete ***.
  5. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    Ha! M o r o n is *** out

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