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Shared resources - which websites?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by anon874, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. To cut a long story short, I'm a non-specialist who is now using my gained time to teach KS3 Geography. As a non-specialst I'm lacking in resources as, it seems is the department - seeing as the HoD has just left leaving an NQT running the department - and I'm an NQT myself
    I've looked on the TES, which is good for many other subject, but the geography resources seem a little scarce.
    Any other websites you can recommend? Powerpoints, worksheets anything to help me along. My subject knowledge, although existant, is very rusty - and I've just got to hold the fort until July.
    Any suggestions?

    We have to do Rivers, Volcanoes, Protecting the Planet, China, Brazil and settlement.


  2. The Royal Geographical Society with IBG has a wealth of KS3 resource modules available here http://www.geographyteachingtoday.org.uk/ks3-resources/resources/

    These include background information on the topics, schemes of work and resources.

    I think most of the topics you have mentioned are covered, either by a whole module or lessons within other modules, so well worth a look
  3. What textbooks have you got? Some of those sound like they could come straight from the 'Key Geography' series...
  4. Staffordshire learning net is a brilliant website, has lots of resources on. If you are just holding the fort though, I would keep to the textbooks, some textbooks have brilliant activities you could adapt.

    Good luck.

  5. I can recommend teacheractivities.co.uk - it has a pack of 200 lesson activity templates to help you deliver / inspire in a very creative way. Well worth a look
  6. TES resource bank too of course
  7. www.RadicalGeography.co.uk is a fantastic site with plenty of top quality resources.
    As mentioned already, www.sln.org.uk can also be very useful
  8. sln has a good forum too
  9. how are you getting on anon?Any other cool sites?

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