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shared reading

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bigships, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. We often have a time of listening to stories for enjoyment.
  2. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    If possible have a duplicate book (even if smaller) for the TA to share with 1-2 children and read alongside the teacher. I used this with my TA having a small book and keeping one child with low Literacy levels and behaviour difficulties on task - it worked a treat xx
  3. I think the TA would be a distraction with an extra book and reading alongside whilst the teacher is in full flow.
    I think, at best, the teacher needs to do her utmost to keep all the children absorbed in the story and engage the children herself if at all possible.
    However, I do understand that some children have real attention issues and individual problems but, at most, I think the TA needs to sit alongside and gently ensure that the children are, at least, facing the teacher!!!!!
    There is always the possibility that distracting children are distracted by their 'support'.
  4. choralsongster - please forgive my previous message as it was not intended to undermine your advice. I also note that you said in your circumstances this worked a treat. I absolutely respect that.
    I was just endeavouring (insensitively) to say that a TA alongside is not necessarily the best and only solution.
    Please accept my apology.[​IMG]
  5. I agree debbiehep. It can be really distracting when another adult is talking - and if I'm distracted, surely some children must be! Maybe you could split the group into two and have the TA reading to a smaller group in a different area, outside or if possible, in another room? They could then come back for the next bit?

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